Anxiety Disorder Treatment: Dr Jyoti Sharma Shares Homoeopathic Remedies To Deal With It

Anxiety may or may not develop suddenly. It is not an emotion a person would be pleasant and good at experiencing.

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Anxiety Disorder Treatment: Dr Jyoti Sharma Shares Homoeopathic Remedies To Deal With It

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Homoeopathy medicine for anxiety palpitations: When there is an unpleasant state of turmoil in the inner self, often accompanied by some nervous behaviour, that stage of emotion is anxiety. In nervousness, the affected person may pace back and forth and have somatic symptoms like abdominal pain, dyspepsia, chest pain, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, and headaches. The person may have focused attention on the signs of one’s distress and may fail to relate to anything else at that particular moment. Anxiety can include the presence of unpleasant feelings of dread over anticipated events. There can be a feeling of uneasiness and worry in response to a situation that is only subjectively seen as menacing. Early in the office, checking email overnight or watching social media updates, watching TV shows or favourite movie till late night, after doing all this, then we come back to work tired in the morning.

We are so busy with our daily chores that sleep seems like a luxury to us - nowadays, we wait till the weekend for a good sleep. We try to make our bodywork so that we can push bedtime till the next weekend. But unfortunately, the rest does not work like this. Insomnia (sleep dysfunction) is a type of sleep disorder in which a person has difficulty sleeping. Insomnia disorder is commonly found among today's youth due to the pressures of our lifestyle. Lack of sleep leads us to various diseases like depression, anxiety, high blood pressure etc. As we all know, the powerful effects of sleep on our mental health cannot be ignored. But the right treatment can help us give peace of mind to people - which is possible with a peaceful night's sleep. One such treatment is homoeopathy. People often suffer from sleep sickness, and this journey starts with a lack of sleep due to a sedentary lifestyle. Insomnia remains undiagnosed even after many treatments, medications and depression.

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Anxiety usually occurs when a big event or a build-up of smaller feelings trigger excessive worry and uneasiness. The examples can include the death of a loved one, work stress, or stress about finances. Symptoms of anxiety are long and drawn out and affect the quality of the affected person daily. It can be short and can be experienced in irregular forms which do not last for long. Such is known as acute anxiety. Some people can develop long-term problems with anxiety. Pressure can create physiological and psychiatric issues for people affected. The person may start withdrawing from situations that are responsible for initiating pressure in the affected. There can be changes in sleeping patterns, inhabits, increased or decreased food intake, and increased motor tension.

Homoeopathy medicine

We often ask doctors for an anti-depressant or sedative so that we can have peace. These sedatives make us addicted, and in turn, the effects of harmful and adverse impact on our health such as weight gain, sleep apnea, weak memory, changing behaviour, fatigue, minimal libido etc. Medication is not the only diagnosis of these problems. We have to find some natural ways to get our lives away from these stresses and troubles and get a dynamic lifestyle. Therefore, its management and treatment are essential to be comfortable and with lesser genuine worries for the affected person. A holistic approach to homoeopathic treatment can be helpful. The remedy prescribed can deal with the mental and physical state of the person.

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Some of the homoeopathic remedies that can help in anxiety include:

Aconite for chronic anxiety 

There is great fear, anxiety, and worry in the patient who needs aconite. These symptoms accompany every ailment of the patient; however trivial they are. There is delirium in the patient that is accompanied by unhappiness, worry, fear, raving. The patient can get rarely unconscious due to agitation. The patient fears the future, a crowd, and crossing the street. There is restlessness, tossing about, and a tendency to start. The pains are intolerable and drive him crazy.

Aconite for chronic anxiety

Argentum nitricum for mental health

The patient thinks that his understanding will eventually fail. The patient is fearful and nervous and has an impulse to jump out of the window. The patient is melancholic and is apprehensive of severe disease. There are fears, anxieties, and hidden irrational motives for actions. There is a headache with coldness and trembling. Emotional disturbances can cause the appearance of hemicrania attacks.

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Arsenic album: The anxiety medication 

The patient needing arsenic album suffers from great anguish and restlessness. The patient changes places continuously. He fears death and being left alone. There is tremendous fear with cold sweat. The patient feels it is useless to take medicine and suicidal. There may be hallucinations of smell and sight. General sensibility is increased, and the patient is sensitive to disorder and confusion. There can be periodical burning pains with restlessness and cold skin.

Arsenic album

Calcarea carb for a mental health disorder

The mind of the patient needing calcarean carb is apprehensive, and the state is worse towards evening. The patient fears a loss of a reason, misfortune, and contagious disease. The patient is forgetful, confused, low-spirited. There is anxiety with palpitation. Slight mental exertion can produce a hothead. There is an aversion to work and labour. There is a sense of weight on the top of the head. Headache is there with cold hands and feet. The abdomen is sensitive to the slightest pressure, and the liver region is painful when stooping.

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Gelsemium for anxiety 

The person with stage fright can be helped with gelsemium. The patient desires to be quiet and left alone.  There is dullness, languor, and listlessness in the patient. There is a sensation of emptiness and weakness at the pit of the stomach, or the sensation of oppression, like a heavy load. Emotional excitement and fear can lead to bodily ailments. There are harmful effects of fright, anxiety, and exciting news.

Ignatia for mental health patients 

Ignatia for mental health patients

Ignatia is frequently required for and is well-suited to sensitive, delicate women and children. Disturbances and excitement can lead to cramps, quivers, and trembling. The patient may go to bed with a headache. The mind often remains in a state of confusion and is always in a hurry and a state of excitement.

Kali ars for anxiety disorder

The patient needing Kali ars is restless, nervous, and anaemic. With anxiety, the patient also tends to malignancy and inveterate skin diseases. There can be intolerable itching on the skin, which can be worse when undressing.

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Lycopodium for mental health patients 

The patient needing lycopodium has a constant fear of breaking down under stress. The mind is apprehensive. The patient cannot bear to see anything new. The patient is melancholic, afraid to be alone, and is annoyed by little things.

Kali Phos dosage for anxiety

Kali Phos can be prescribed to a patient with anxiety, nervousness, and lethargy. There is indisposition to meet people and extreme lassitude and depression. Brain fag is marked, and night terrors may also be present.

Note: One should not take any remedy without a homoeopathic doctor's prescription, as the above description is the gist of the extensive homoeopathic literature. The selection of treatments includes many more factors, signs, and symptoms.

[With inputs from Dr Jyoti Sharma (Homeopathic Doctor), Founder of Kaila Homeopathy]

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