Ayurveda And Stress Management: Burn 2 Bay Leaves To Get Rid Of Stress And Anxiety

Learn from Ayurveda Dr Hari Krishna why the smell of sharp leaves is beneficial for health, precautions related to it, and the right way to use it. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: May 15, 2020Updated at: May 15, 2020
Ayurveda And Stress Management: Burn 2 Bay Leaves To Get Rid Of Stress And Anxiety

Burning bay leaves for stress anxiety relief: Do you know that Indian spices are considered incomplete without bay leaves? Bay leaves are used to enhance taste and aroma in food. A lot of antioxidants and minerals are found in it, which are beneficial for the body (hence, considered an ayurvedic medicine). But do you know that apart from diet, you can use these bay leaves to cleanse the air of the house and relieve stress? Yes, let us tell you the use of bay leaves, which you may not have heard about till now.

Burn the bay leaves and see its wonders

Dr Hari Krishna, Senior Ayurvedic Principal of 'Tatva Ayurveda Clinic', explains that the smoke that arises after burning dry bay leaves is beneficial for health. Burning 1-2 sharp leaves daily in the house keeps the air of the home pure, and lightens your mood. Bay leaves are found to have two compounds named eugenol and myrcene, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, after burning bay leaves, its smell relaxes the nerves of the brain, which relieves tension. Light smoke of bay leaves is very beneficial for the allergic patients (or who are prone to cold), as it removes the inner swelling of the nose and throat.

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Easy way to get rid of stress

By burning the bay leaves in the room, you can relieve stress and anxiety. Bay leaves have a unique element called linalool, which is known to reduce stress. For this, you burn the bay leaves and let the smoke fill the room. Breathe deeply in this smoke for 10 minutes, and you will find that your brain is feeling lighter than before. However, Dr Hari Krishna says that burning the bay leaves should not be inhaled directly by bringing its smoke near the nose, but rather to spread in the surrounding environment and smell a slight smoke.

bay leaf

Natural and best air freshener is the bay leaf

It is better to remove the odour of the house by burning bay leaves, rather than bringing expensive air fresheners from the market. Many types of chemicals and artificial fragrances are used in the air fresheners (available in the market), which are harmful to your health. Its effect is terrible for young children. While to fill the room with a natural smell, you can burn 2-3 bay leaves and keep it in the place.

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Bay leaf purifies the air

bay leaves

COVID-19 is a significant problem nowadays, due to which many types of diseases are increasing. In many areas, it has become so dangerous that people are also dying due to it. If you want to purify the air inside the house, then burn 2-3 sharp bay leaves in the house. The smoke and smell that comes from the burning of healthy leaves will purify the interior air of your home. Apart from this, the antioxidants present in bay leaves will bring you peace of mind.

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What is the right way to burn bay leaves in the house?

Ayurvedic Shirodhara Stress Relief Therapy: You can burn two bay leaves in the house to purify the polluted air and reduce stress.

  • First, place 2-3 dried bay leaves in an ash-tray.
  • After this, burn them and close the window doors of the room and exit yourself.
  • Allow the smoke to spread into the room and enter the room 5-7 times and take a deep breath. 
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