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Latest Baby Boy Names

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  • Brahma1. Creator of the universe. 2. Growth; evolution; prayer.
  • BisvajitaVictorious in the world.
  • BirjuPowerful.
  • Biren1. Lord of warriors. 2. Great warriors.
  • Bipula1. Plenty; much; many. 2. Strong; manifold.
  • Bipin1. Forest. 2. Free; magnificent; providing shelter.
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Latest Baby Girls Name

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  • Bindu1. Drop; dot; globule; spot. 2. A dot worn on the forehead between the eyebrows.
  • Bhuvana1. Being; the earth; abode. 2. Living creature; human.
  • Bhavika1. Well-meaning. 2. Righteous; pious; happy.
  • Bhauvana1. Belonging to the world. 2. A deity.
  • Bharavi1. Protected by God. 2. The shining sun. 3. The author of Kiratarjuniya.
  • Bhadra1. Blessed; auspicious; gracious; good. 2. Fair; Happy; prosperous; handsome; fortunate; gentlemanly; excellent.
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Latest Tamil Baby Boy Names

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Latest Tamil Baby Girls Name

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Popular Baby Names

AnaviHumane, Kind to PeopleGirlHindu76
AnurimaAttached, Fond ofGirlHindu32
AnvitaReached by the mind, understoodGirlHindu49
Sadhyaachievable, conquerableBoyHindu48
Arthvanafull of sense, wealthBoyHindu33
AagneyBorn from fireBoyHindu48
AamilDoer, Work manBoyMuslim38
AhanaOne who cannot be killed, Who is born in the dayGirlHindu39
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