Give An Auspicious Name To Your Baby According To Their Stars

If you are going to be parents soon or recently delivered a baby and thinking what to name him/her, take cues from this article.

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Give An Auspicious Name To Your Baby According To Their Stars

When a mother gives birth to her newborn, she not only originates a body of flesh and bones but an ideology that would be recognized by the world. But what will the world call this ideology? The world will call this ideology by the name that you choose. It is indeed a responsible task to give a name to a newly born child because this name will not only be called by you out of love but it will also carry the whole persona of your young one for his/her whole life. But many parents still act oblivious and give their child a name that either doesn't suit his/her personality or can affect his/her whole life. Tapsi Wadhwa, a professional Tarot Card Reader, Life Coach, and Relationship Counselor gives some tips on how to name your baby according to his/her stars.

The name has the power to define characteristics of a person as well as prove itself either 'Amen' or 'Omen' for your baby's charm. There is not just a single method or criteria to choose an auspicious name but it actually depends on the religion that you believe in. Here are some of the ritualistic theories that different religions follow to give your child a pious and personified name. 

'Naamkaran Sanskaar' in Hinduism 

Naamkaran Sanskaar in Hinduism

Hindus have a unique theory for an ideal lifestyle of a person. This religion believes that there are 'Solah Sanskaar' i.e. 16 sacraments that should take place during the whole period of life of a man. The first one is the 'Naam-Karan Sanskaar' which is none other than the name giving ceremony of a child. This event is usually held on either the 21st day or 40th day of the birth. But the name they choose is not something random. After a Jaapa by Pandits, the first letter of the name is suggested by an astrologer, who calculates the position of stars (Nakshatras) at the time of birth of the child. Then according to that first letter, the parents decide a suitable and appropriate name for their child. 

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'Aqiqah' in Islam 

Aqiqah is a 7-days long naming ceremony in Islam which holds to give a holy name to the new member. During these 7 days from the birth of the child, the parents request their relatives and near and dear ones to suggest a good name for their child that holds a positive meaning or the name of prophets who have sacrificed their lives in promoting the message of humanity worldwide. In this ceremony, the baby's hair gets shaved and the holy prayers of the Quran are spoken in the ears of the child 3 times. Well, any name related to the Almighty is auspicious in itself but there are some prohibitions on calling the baby by taking His name directly. So, these measures should be kept by Muslims in mind before giving a name to the baby. 

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Aqiqah in Islam

'Baptism Ceremony' in Christianity 

In Christianity, especially in Catholicism, the Baptism  ceremony takes place on the eighth day of the child's birth. According to Eastern Orthodoxy, Christians give a holy name to the child in a special get together either held in Church or at home. The name is usually selected by the parents of the child in the name of an inspiring personality or the name they get while reading the holy Bible. In this ceremony, the kid gets blessings from his/her relatives and family friends.  There is also a provision of taking the child to the priest and asking him to give the baby a suitable name. The father of the child can also do this if he belongs to the priest community. 

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Baptism Ceremony in Christianity

'Nam Karan' in Sikhism 

This Ceremony takes place after 2 weeks of the birth of a child or after 40 days. Before this occasion, the elders of the family contact a local Gurdwara to hold this ceremony. When the family takes the child to the Gurudwara, the 'granthi' opens the pious Guru Granth Sahib at random and chooses the first letter of the left page of the upper half. When the 'granthi' finishes telling the first letter of the name, the priests read the prayer or Ardaas for the well being of the child. After these rituals, the family holds a langar in Gurdwara and feeds the relatives and the poors to take their blessings. 

People think that it doesn't matter whatever they give a name to a child, either according to the religion or not, but it is not true. There is a specific yet mystical reason behind why the child has taken birth in your family or religion. Religion gives an identity to everyone and also plays a vital role in building the character of a person. The charms are directly connected with the name that you choose for your kid. So, to avoid any mishap and give your child the best possible future, follow your rituals and give an auspicious name to him/her.

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