How To Raise Twins? Know Tips And Expectations From Expert

Raising twins can be a challenging task for parents. Here are some tips by expert to help them.

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Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Jan 25, 2022 14:55 IST
How To Raise Twins? Know Tips And Expectations From Expert

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Children increase the joy of being parents and when it comes to twins the happiness also gets doubled. But with twins, also come twice the challenges and problems while raising kids. Being parents is a great responsibility and there are various things that need to be accounted for while raising two children at once. Their ability to learn can differ, their habits can differ, and sleeping schedules and various lifestyle problems can take place. For first time parents, it is never easy to raise two kids at once. Hence in order to reduce stress and help you manage twins properly, we have an expert to help you manage and give tips on what to expect from those twins.

What to Expect from Twins?

There could a special type of happiness and anxiety at the same time while having twin children. This is very common and parents should not get stressed about this. We spoke to Dr. Usha Tripathi, Consultant and Pediatrician to know about raising twins. She said that raising twins is not an easy task because handling two children at once requires stamina and patience. You need to fulfill the demand of breast milk, which becomes challenging for most mothers. Apart from this, they need individual attention. Even after having many things in common, they behave differently through each stage of development.


Tips to Raise Your Twins

1. Develop Routines and Schedules

It is important part of raising kids especially twins. You need to have a set pattern in which you raise kids. This is because if your kids have different habits and schedules then you won’t be able to regulate them. Hence it is important to develop routine habits and schedules in order to have good relationship. It is very important when it comes to sleep and eating schedule of twins.

2. Ask for Parenting Help

It is very natural in India to ask your parents to assist you with raising children. They are far more experienced and know how to deal with children at different point of time. Also try to involve your friends and neighbors to help your raise kids as it can be very beneficial for development of children. Parenting advice from your parents or adults can be helpful and can lower your load of trying to handle everything at once.

3. Look for Possibility to Breastfeed

For mothers, it is important to develop feeding habit for both children at similar time. This will help you to feed twins simultaneously and will reduce your problem of cracked nipples and related problems. It may not be possible every time but look for opportunities to do this more often. It is very challenging to burp two babies at once and thus use correct pillows and ask for help if needed. 

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4. Connect with Parents having twins

There are some problems that only parents of twin can help you with. Parents who have the experience of handling twins could tell you how to raise them more efficiently. Listen to their experience and try to absorb their knowledge with the newborns and twin clubs. Accessing local parents that have twins can help you raise your twins in a better manner.


5. Let them Cry

One of the hardest things for parents is to see their babies cry. With twins it can be even more difficult because if both twins cry together, it can be difficult to control them. According to pediatrician, you should let your twins cry for some time and see what they actually need. In the first year it can be even more difficult, when they cannot speak anything. Listen to their pleas and try things around you to calm them. There is no need to worry, it is normal for children to cry at this stage. 

6. Be Tough with Twins

Mothers of twins need to be very careful about their habits and whining process. This is because twins have a bond between themselves. Apart from this twins also have sense to know weakness and can find the soft spot of their parents. Hence you may have noticed they do specific activities frequently to attract their parents to fulfill their demands. This is an important lesson in raising twins, you need to be tougher and be very precise with instructions that they understand.

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7. Treat them as unique Individuals

To raise children properly, parents need to understand that they have their unique identity which they need to respect and maintain. Planning same habits for both twins can create problems in the future. Many parents make their children wear same clothes, give them same toys and perform same activities. This can hamper growth of any one twin which can be problematic. Hence treat them as unique individuals, understand their demands and habits and work in adequate direction accordingly.


8. Do not make Comparisons

It is not a healthy habit of making comparison between children, especially with twins. This can turn to have a negative impact on their health and brain. Twins who have been compared on every step of the growing process develop negative thoughts about each other which can impact their bond and health. Many twins suffer from this problem and develop a sense of hatred from the other twin because of constant comparisons. Hence hear the perceptive of children and encourage them accordingly. 

9. Plan Quality Time for Both Twins Separately

Spending some time with each twin individually can help parents to develop separate identity of their children. It will also help them to understand their kids better. According to scientific research, planning some quality time, sitting and reading books, going to market, playing games have a very positive impact on the development of children. This also makes both the children feel noticed and attended. Their life experiences also develop in their individual sense which helps them to build unique identities as they grow up.

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