Do You Crave Something At Midnight? You Can Totally Have These Healthy Midnight Munchies

If you are someone who gets hungry at odd times, you would love this article as it talks about healthy late night munchies.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jan 27, 2021 16:27 IST
Do You Crave Something At Midnight? You Can Totally Have These Healthy Midnight Munchies

It is hard to resist cravings especially when they strike at midnight. You are too tired to make something but it is hard to control hunger pangs, agree? A lot of people become weak and surrender to hunger but is it healthy? Different people have different opinions on whether midnight munching is healthy or not. However, nutritionists believe that healthy munching is better than unhealthy munches for midnight cravings. If you don’t want your food to affect your weight, make sure that you are eating less and healthy. You don’t need to stress about healthy midnight munchies as we have sorted the list for you. Check out this article for some quick, easy and healthy foods to munch.

Is late night munching healthy?

Anything in moderation is fine and this is applicable to late-night snacking also. If you feel hungry once in a while then it is totally fine to indulge in some food and satiate the growling stomach. But there are people who feel hungry at midnight almost every day and in that case, midnight munching is not really advised. Not only it causes weight gain but also affects the digestive system as your stomach may not be able to digest the food and cause digestive disorders. However, there are various healthy snack options that you can explore to curb your craving without adding a pound to your weight. These are apt for late night hunger sessions.


Healthy Late Night Munchies

Here is a list of some easily available and filling foods to have at night. But if you are following a diet plan, you may consult your dietitian to suggest some for you that you can binge on.


Plain yogurt or curd is amazing for untimely cravings. This is rich in probiotics that promote gut health and prevent weight gain. A lot of you might think of having sweetened or flavoured yogurt but no, by yogurt we mean plain yogurt without sugar. If you want, you can add freshly chopped fruits to the yogurt bowl and have it. This is one of the wholesome and tasty food on this list. 

Fruits For Late Night Cravings


The best go-to late night snack is fruits. There are certain times of the day when you should avoid having fruits but you are free to have them late at night. As they have natural sugar in them, they won’t cause any harm to your health or increase body weight. Fresh fruits are great for your gut health also.

Fruit smoothie drink or smoothie bowl

This is generally considered a morning breakfast item but you can have a smoothie at late night also. Just like fresh fruits, fresh fruit smoothies are also a great option.

NOTE: Fresh fruit smoothies are good and not packaged smoothies. There is a huge difference between them as packaged smoothies do have artificial sugar in them that may or may not be mentioned in the ingredients list. Therefore, it is better to distant yourself from packaged and processed foods, especially at night.

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Vegetable sticks with hummus


Hummus is a dip that you must have heard more from celebrities. Do you know why? It is because it is one of the healthiest and tastiest dips you would ever come across. Made with chickpeas, tahini, garlic and lemon juice, hummus is easy-to-make and goes well with breads and even chapattis. It is best consumed with pita bread but you are not supposed to have bread at night. Thus, the healthier option to pair with hummus is vegetable sticks. What’s better than eating nutritious vegetables at night to satisfy hunger without disturbing gut flora. You’ll fall in love with hummus as you have it for the first time.

Chia seeds pudding

This is certainly something that may tickle your palates. Chia seeds pudding is the best healthy dessert option. Celebrities like Alia Bhatt eat chia seeds pudding as it is wholesome, high in fibre and very tasty. Also, it is super easy to make. To make it healthy but sweet, add honey or maple syrup in place of sugar. Its healthy and taste quotient would increase automatically.

Biscuits with peanut butter

One of the first things that we grab instantly when hungry are crackers or biscuits as they provide instant energy. But they may not be healthy if they are made out of refined flour. The best alternative to these are whole wheat biscuits or crackers with peanut butter. You may also have peanut butter alone or spread it to a healthy bread. If you like whole peanuts, make a peanut chat with chopped veggies and sprinkle some olive oil. Tasty!



Have you heard of khakhra before? This is a popular Gujrati snack that is crunchy, wholesome and healthy. Made with whole wheat flour and spices, khakhra is supremely nutritious and filthy. If you have the energy, make fresh khakhra at home to prevent preservatives in packed khakhra. To complement it, you can have it with salsa which is a popular condiment that goes well with almost all kinds of cuisine.

Soaked nuts as Healthy Late Night Munchies

If you don’t want to have something solid or that requires time and efforts, you can have soaked nuts. Keep a small batch of nuts soaked in water daily and have them before bed to prevent midnight hunger pangs. Do you know that these can be consumed in larger quantities and they won’t cause indigestion? Days when you know that you haven’t eaten a lot and might be feeling hungry in between sleep, soaked nuts are a saviour.

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Chilled milk


While it is suggested to have milk daily at night for better sleep, having chilled milk at night reduces hunger. However, you can switch to hot milk in cold seasons but milk is the ultimate food to curb hunger. To make it more palatable, you can add flavours such as turmeric, cinnamon or simply jaggery. It enhances nutrition and boosts overall health in many ways.

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Low-fat buttermilk

Did you know you can have buttermilk at night? A lot of people avoid consuming buttermilk in the evening due to its cold tendency. It might trigger cold or strep throat after consumption. But, if you don’t have sinusitis and you love buttermilk, you must have it at night when hunger pangs strike.


There is no harm in the late night or midnight snacking unless you are eating healthy and nutritious food. If possible, avoiding these untimely munchies is advised but one cannot control the stomach and its hunger, right? If you regularly crave something in the night, talk to a nutritionist to know the possible causes. It might also be due to nutrient deficiency or lack of energy that you crave for food at odd times. Rule out such possibilities after consulting a dietitian.

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