Antidepressant Foods: What To Eat And Avoid To Reduce The Risk Of Depression?

Stress and anxiety can take the form of depression in the long run. To prevent them, you can use some natural antidepressants to avoid them.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Jan 29, 2021 19:38 IST
Antidepressant Foods: What To Eat And Avoid To Reduce The Risk Of Depression?

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What are the antidepressant foods? In today's era, everyone is worried about various issues! These issues include education, work, business, service and relationships. Stress is not suitable for your mental health! Moreover, prolonged overthinking and stress can also make you a victim of depression. Anxiety and stress are not diseases, but they are more hazardous than them. Surveys show that several people in India are victims of these mental illnesses, unaware of it. Hence, visiting a doctor or mental health expert is recommended whenever you get some related symptoms. For the treatment of stress or depression, doctors may give some anti-depressants. And if the situation is dangerous, then taking medicines is the right option. But, better than drugs, you can avoid stress or depression with some natural antidepressants.

What essential nutrients fight depression?


Are you upset due to stress? Keep in mind that the amount of oxygen that the brain cells get start getting affected by stress. Later, it affects the functioning of the brain. In such a situation, the brain, kidneys, liver and heart can be kept healthy by adopting a diet full of anti-oxidants. As per a research report issued by the National Health Institute, 12 such nutrients have been found that help you in fighting depression. These are folate, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, selenium, thiamine, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C and zinc. For this, eat three to five small bowl fresh fruits throughout the day. Fruits are rich in vitamin C, carotenoid and fibre. They nourish cells, protect them from damage.

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Many foods have natural anti-depressant properties in them, let us tell you about some such foods

  • Eating walnuts for depression: Omega-3 fatty acids are found in adequate amounts in walnuts. Studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids, reduce depression, improve brain function anxiety symptoms. If you have frequent headaches, and worried and carelessness, you should eat 4-5 walnuts a day. You can add walnuts in your diet in various ways. One of the easier methods is to add them to your breakfast in muesli, homemade granola bars and oats by chopping them up. You can look up for homemade walnut sauce recipes (to prepare the sauce) to eat it with pasta or bread.
  • Green leafy vegetables for depression: Spinach, fenugreek, lettuce leaves (from green leafy vegetables) protect the normal cells from becoming toxic. This reduces the risk of developing brain damage and other severe diseases in other parts of the body. It contains Iodine, Magnesium, and vitamins A, C, E and K. They are also equipped with phytonutrients, which protect our brains daily. The pro and pre-biotics present in these vegetables also keep the stomach fit and keep the mind repaired from time to time.

  • Eat zinc-rich foods for depression: Zinc is considered an indispensable nutrient for the brain. Consuming zinc foods can solve your anxiety and depression problem to a great extent. Research by Biological Psychiatry suggests that a lack of zinc in the blood increases anxiety, stress, and long-term depression. So you should include zinc in your diet. Spinach, avocado, meat, eggs, kabuli chana, almonds, pumpkin seeds etc. are prominent among the zinc foods.
  • Eat Magnesium And Carbohydrates For Healthy Brain: Sometimes, lack of magnesium also affects mental health. Continuous lack of magnesium in the body can cause memory loss, and you may suffer from stress and depression. Include foods rich in magnesium such as dry fruit, figs, peanuts in your diet. Eat foods with high fibre and carbohydrates to reduce depression. For this, take whole grains, brown rice, barley, sweet potatoes and amaranth.
  • Fruits for depression and anxiety: There are many nutritional elements in fruits. Apart from fibre, especially apple, it is also rich in iron and antioxidants. Diabetes patients can eat an apple comfortably every day because its GI is very low. Besides this, ordinary people can eat other fruits comfortably as most fruits have natural sweetness besides vitamins and minerals, which do not harm health.
  • Turmeric and lemon for depression: Turmeric and lemon will help you overcome stress and depression. According to research, turmeric is useful for treating depression, just like Alzheimer's and cancer. It is full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory elements, anti-biotic and antidepressant elements, benefiting from depression.
  • Chocolate for depression and anxiety attack: Not everyone likes chocolate, but do you know that it removes stress? The phenylethylamine element found in it relaxes the brain. The high flavanol content enhances the beauty and keeps the skin hydrated, but eating it in limited amounts is beneficial.
  • Saffron for depression and anxiety: Research shows that saffron can cure many mental illnesses, disorders and diseases. By adding saffron in your diet, you can avoid depression and anxiety. Saffron is a bit expensive, but it is a far better option than eating depression medicines.
  • Is onion good for depression? Onion is eaten in salads and vegetables. The antioxidants present in onion help repair damaged cells. Besides, it plays an essential role in maintaining your mood and prevention of cancer.
  • Oatmeal for depression: Oatmeal contains enough carbohydrates and tryptophan which the brain converts into serotonin. This hormone works to improve mood and makes the mind feel relaxed and relaxed.

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How to use lavender essential oil for depression?

Along with the foods, many natural essential oils also help you fight depression. Lavender oil has been found to have properties that reduce stress. If you feel very stressed after coming from the office or before the exam, you can massage your forehead with 7-8 drops of this lavender essential oil. The aroma gives you quick relief. Apart from this, lavender essential also oil helps you sleep well.

Foods to avoid the risk of depression and anxiety 

Foods to avoid

  • Avoid white bread/toast: Most people consume white bread/toast for breakfast. But you should know that white bread increases the blood sugar level in the body, which causes angst. Doctors say that excessive intake of white bread also increases the risk of depression. So if you have to eat toast/bread, then take atta or wheat bread.
  • Avoid diet soda: Do you also think diet soda isn't harmful, because it does not contain sugar? If yes, then you are entirely wrong. Even though it is not sweet, the excess consumption of diet soda increases the risk of depression. In addition to this, you may also feel weak, tired and anxious, due to the high amount of caffeine.
  • Avoid packaged fruit juice: Packaged fruit juice uses many chemical substances and preservatives instead of real fruit juice. A large team of researchers say that it causes headache, anxiety and depression. Therefore, instead of packed fruit juice, you should consume fruits.
  • Avoid alcohol: People often consume alcohol under stress! Consumption of alcohol not only damages the vital organs of the body but also causes depression. Do not drink alcohol if you are dealing with depression symptoms as this can prove to be fatal to you.


Avoid drinking excess coffee or tea as high amounts of caffeine cause stress. Strictly avoid its consumption at night, because caffeine also affects sleep. Apart from this, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, nuts, chia seeds, protein food, etc. can be consumed to reduce anxiety. But before consuming them, do consult a doctor to advise you according to your situation.

(With inputs from Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of Diet Podium Shikha Mahajan)

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