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Renal Diet: Know 7 Foods That Could Help You During Dialysis

Kidney Disorders and people going through dialysis should include these 7 foods for health benefits.

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Dec 02,2021
Updated at: Dec 02,2021

Kidney diseases are one of the most common problems that are suffered by various people around the world. In these types of diseases, it is important to take care of the diet as some foods may have increased cholesterol, potassium and other nutrients that are harmful during kidney diseases. Renal diet is known for improving the condition of kidney diseases and disorders. If the kidney disease or infection does not get relieved, it leads to the person on dialysis. Therefore it could also benefit people going through dialysis. Dialysis is an artificial method of filtering out waste and harmful extracts from your body. It is helpful in maintaining calcium, phosphorus and potassium in your body. Today we will learn about some food that you can take while you are on dialysis.

How does diet help during dialysis?

According to Ms. Pratiksha Biswas, Head Nutritionist in Vozart Healthcare Hospital in Kanpur, diet is an integral part in dealing with kidney problems. When the kidneys are affected and the person in on dialysis, he needs to have food that boosts the filtration process in the body. Therefore food items that contain high levels of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties can be had during dialysis. Here are some foods that are beneficial during dialysis.


Beneficial Foods During Dialysis

1. Red Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers are actually low in potassium amount and it can particularly be particularly beneficial during dialysis. This is because people suffering from kidney diseases should have low potassium food and nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin A. Red bell peppers are filled with these both vitamins and also has vitamin B6 which is very efficient in improving health of the person. It also contains folic acid and fiber in them which keeps the risk of cancer and other health problems low.

During dialysis, a person needs to have food with antioxidant and bell pepper fulfills that requirement as well. You can have red bell peppers along with a healthy dip or mix them with chicken dish or so. You can also have roasted peppers and use them as toppings for sandwiches and lettuce salads.

2. Cabbage 

It is being increasing used in salads and many dishes that are related to health. This is because it has rich amounts of photochemical and chemical compounds which are extremely beneficial to your health during dialysis. Cabbage helps in breaking up free radicals which reduce the risk of diseases and problems related to kidneys. It also helps in fighting cancer and foster cardiovascular health. 

Cabbage is high in vitamin K, vitamin C and fiber which are also a source for vitamin B6 and folic acid. Since cabbage has so many essential and beneficial ingredients, it can extensively be used to gain health benefits for people undergoing dialysis.

3. Cauliflower

Another vegetable which is a must have during kidney disease and people undergoing dialysis is cauliflower. This is because; it has vitamin C, foliate and fiber in it which could be proving to be effective for kidney disease. It also has indoles, glucosinolates and thiocynates which are essential to neutralize toxic substances which could possibly damage cell membrane. Cabbage also helps to protect your DNA and helps in the recovery process of the body. 

You can have it in the form of vegetable, curry, have it as salads, and have cauliflower boiled, as herb seasoning and with white sauce. Depending on your choice of taste, you must include this vegetable in your diet while undergoing dialysis.

4. Garlic extracts

Garlic is another food which can be had in the form of extracts while having meals, and used in tea as well. It has anti-inflammatory properties and lowers cholesterol levels of the person. Because of lowering cholesterol, it helps during the dialysis process and improves your kidney functions. Garlic could be a better substitute for garlic salt in the dialysis diet.

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5. Onions in diet

Onions are used extensively in Indian diets. However this is a good source of flavanoids that contain quercertin, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. Onions are also low in potassium foods which make it a healthy choice for curing kidney diseases and improving functions. Try using a variety of onions for additional benefits as it could have different nutrients and compounds in majority.

Onions are also a good source of chromium and minerals which help a person during his dialysis. As a result of having onions in the diet, the dialysis of the person can be done in less time than usual.

6. Apples

Apples are known to reduce cholesterol levels and prevent constipation. Apples are also beneficial in preventing heart disease and reduce the risk of cancer. This fruit should be included in your diet during dialysis because it can prevent kidney diseases and hence it could be beneficial. Kidney diet includes baked apples or stew apples which are usually given to small children to nourish their nutrition requirements.

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7. Blueberries

The use and consumption of blueberries has significantly increased over the years. This is because it contains antioxidants which are helpful to reduce inflammation. People that have kidney disorders and kidney problems could consume blueberries to keep themselves healthy. Blueberries also contain vitamin C, manganese, and other oxidants which could prevent you from aging and other problems as well. During dialysis, the kidney functions is reduced which could slow bone breakdown and lower estrogen levels.

You can have blueberries in raw form or with shakes, cereals and topped with smoothies. A person can also drink blueberry juice for additional benefits during kidney disease.

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