7 Common Mistakes People Tend To Make While Losing Weight

People often tend to do common mistakes in their weight loss journey, Here are mistakes you can improve on.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 20, 2021 13:30 IST
7 Common Mistakes People Tend To Make While Losing Weight

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Weight loss is not as easy as it looks on the social media platforms. There is no effective and safe way through which you can lose weight in a few days or a couple of them. It gradually becomes difficult for the person to lose weight after a few kilograms. This is the time where real challenge comes and people often do mistakes that does not help them in weight loss rather it affects their health sometimes. Weight loss journey needs to be carried forward in a particular way as to indicate improvements and positive signs of weight loss. Today we will discuss about some common mistakes that people do between their journey of weight loss and its effects on their health.

With Inputs from Dietician Ms. Anuradha Kishan from Ivory Hospital, Greater Noida

7 Common Mistakes in Weight Loss Journey

1. Constantly looking at weighing scale

Weight loss does not happen in a day and you should not behave like one. Looking at the weighing scale regularly can de-motivate you and can make you lose the direction. Measuring your weight each day can affect your journey and can become a hurdle. Since you won’t lose considerable weight in a day, it is better not to look at the weighing scale. Also it put mental pressure and stress on your body that actually aids weight gain.


2. Eating too less or dieting

This is very trendy and people tend to avoid food or have it in such a minimal quantity that is does not fulfil requirements of your body. Consuming too less calories can actually be harmful for your body and it can cause various disorders and deficiencies. Therefore along with exercise or activities, you also need to have right amount of nutrition and diet to increase speed of your weight loss. Eating too less can cause weakness and it won’t be effective as your weight loss.

3. Not exercising or doing too much exercise

It is important to know that exercise also needs to be regulated in order to lose weight. If you do too much of exercise or do it less often, then also it cause problems related to exercising. Lack of exercise can increase muscle mass whereas; abundance of exercise can create a negative impact on muscle mass and can cause weakness. Weakness in muscles becomes common in people those who indulge in weight loss journey end up getting muscle fatigue and losing muscle mass. It also prevents your metabolism from slowing down which creates and obstacle in weight loss journey.


4. Not doing weight training

Resistance training can actually promote weight loss and dot doing proper training for the weight loss. Increasing the amount of exercise and performing weight training can significantly improve health of a person. It also burns down quick calories that are important to strengthen physical functions. Not doing weight training can impact your belly fat and it may be difficult to lose belly fat without aerobic or weight lifting exercises. Combination of both exercise and diet can improve metabolism and be beneficial for the person.

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5. Choosing low fat or low calorie diet

In a good way people opt for calorie deficient diet or low fat diet because of the trend and how people tell them to. In fact many trainers also recommend low fat dietary supplements which are actually not beneficial for the body. Many of these supplements have opposite effect on health. Rather than low calorie diet it has fats which may seem to be fulfilling but can actually make you consume saturated fatty acids that increases your weight rather than decreasing it. This low calorie diet can be very disastrous for your weight loss journey and you should check with a proper dietician to have balanced diet.


6. Overestimating your calories

Taking in correct amount of calories are also important. People tend to change their diet according to their mood and they have different estimates of calories they have burned. Overestimating the amount of calories you consume can automatically affect your health status and create an obstacle in your weight loss journey. It is better to take proper count and regulate your calorie count by help of an expert in the sense it does not stop your progress.

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7. Not Having Enough Proteins

People often misunderstand that having protein is only important for weight gain whereas it is not true. Proteins are important for weight loss journey as well, not having sufficient amount of protein in your body can make you reach at an point where there is no chance of losing weight. It can be very troublesome and cause weakness in your body and muscle fatigue and spasms. This condition can be easily improved by putting in enough amount of protein in your diet.

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