Nutritionist Tips To Prevent Weight Gain During Festive Season

Weight gain is a common problem during festive season. Here are some nutritionist tips to prevent it. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Oct 31, 2021 12:30 IST
Nutritionist Tips To Prevent Weight Gain During Festive Season

Festive seasons encourage overeating and sedentary lifestyle. It might come as a shock to you but weight gain during festivals contributes majorly in annual weight gain of the person and we become busy in our own schedules after these festivals that we don't pay attention to put extra efforts to lose this weight. Festivals promote binge eating and including high calorie foods like sweets and fried food. In India, people love to celebrate these festivals. The duration from October to November is packed with wedding seasons and festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, and Navratri. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Dr. Anjali Phatak, Director Nutripulse and Senior Clinical Nutritionist, Nutripulse, Jaipur, about tips to prevent weight gain during festive season. 

Tips to prevent weight gain during festive season

Losing weight can be much much more difficult and timetaking. Here are a few tips to help you control weight gain during these times. Apart from watching your portions you can also opt for for healthier food options. You can try including one or more of your friends to join you so that all this becomes more fun and easier to follow. Here are a few tips for you and if you manage to follow these tips religiously, you might find that you have lost weight instead of gaining. 

1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself hydrated is very important during these times. Water helps in regulating many vital functions of body including metabolism. It also helps in cleansing and eliminating waste from the body. You can start your day by drinking two cups of warm water, as it prevents indigestion and helps in loosing belly fat. 

2. Maintain activity levels

Maintaining our physical activities during festive season can be a challenge. Most individuals are busy in one or other household chorus. You might feel tired but physical activity levels are still not fulfilled. You should invest at least 20-30 minutes on daily basis during these festivals. You can make your exercising fun by including all your family members and friends. You can try dancing or just a quick run. 

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3. Portion control

Controling portion size is a very crucial part of our diets. It becomes difficult to control ourselves when all our favorite food is right in front of us. You can definitely eat some of it but make sure that you do justice with your hardworking and diet throughout the year. 

4. Protein rich foods

Including protein rich diet is a very good tactic to fulfill your hunger. Proteins require a lot of energy to be digested in the human body. During festive seasons you can rely on vegetarian protein like quinoa, chia seeds, beans, hempseeds and soyabean. They provide satiety and provide good nutrition to the body. You can also include other options like dishes made up of boiled or roasted meat and eggs. 

6. Eat vegetables and fruits

Amongst all the hassle and dazzle of festivals, sometimes we forget to focus on our own body. We must not forget to include raw fruits and vegetables in our diet. They provide us with minerals and nutrients. They not only help you fulfill nutritional needs but also help in building immunity. Vegetables and fruits also contain a lot of fibre which helps in keeping you full for longer hours. 

7. Don't take longer meal breaks 

Being busy during these festivals where we struggle to balance our work and social life, we sometimes compromise on our hunger. Staying hungry for long hours can promote binge eating. We must try to keep snacking on healthy foods like nuts, seeds, and fruits to satisfy our hunger, so that we don't overeat. Longer meal breaks usually trigger our cravings and we end up eating juck which contains high amount of salt, sugars and fats. 

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8. Include probiotics

Festivals bring along a lot of feasts. We should not forget to include probiotics in our diet. They also help if you are having an upset stomach. You can include refreshing drinks like chhach, lassi, coconut water, cranberry juice and various herbal teas. These drinks will not only promote a healthy gut and hydration, they also help in flushing out toxins from our body. Removal of toxins from the body will help you stay more immune during this period. 

9. Limit Alcohol

weight gain

Yes, it is a very critical element when it comes to controling the calorie count. Alcoholic drinks like beer and whiskey contain a lot of calories. Even a glass of wine can disrupt your daily calorie intake. You might not cut completely but you can prefer healthy options like taking lemon based drinks and avoiding sugar laden mixers like packaged juices. You can also try including drinks like mulwines as they are relaxing and contain spice mixes which are good for our body. 

10. Stress and sleep

People are more stressed and sleep deprived during these festivals. They might overwork or just hangout with friends late at night. You should not indulge in eating unhealthy processed food items. Sleep deprivation triggers cortisol levels in our brain which triggers hunger and craving for junk food and disrupts metabolism of our body. We must try to manage our natural biological cycle and stress levels in our body. We can practice exercising, yoga and even deep breathing to keep our stress levels under control. 

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11. Alternatives

Indian sweets can be very hard to resist, and India. Festivals revolve a lot around food and sweets. You can include alternatives for these sweets in your diet, such as baked gulab jamun. You can also try replacing sweets with sweets like sandesh, rasgulla as they are not fried and contain limited amount of sugar. You can also invest your time in making homemade sweets out of nuts and seeds, using minimum amount of sugars and using healthier alternatives like jaggery.