7 Simple Ways To Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

Weight Loss Plateau is the period when your weight-loss journey stops. Here are some simple ways to break through this weight-loss plateau.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Aug 27, 2021Updated at: Aug 27, 2021
7 Simple Ways To Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss can be tough for people with their daily routines. People try to lose weight to achieve ideal body image and structure. However this journey has many challenges in between, if you have gone through a similar routine, you must have noticed that there comes a time when your weight becomes constant even after doing extensive exercising. This period where the weight gets stuck is called weight loss plateau. This period can be quite frustrating and discouraging; hence most of the beginners lose their motivation at this stage. Today, we will discuss about strategies and methods which you can apply to break weight loss plateau.


Inputs from Dietician Ms. Shweta Bisht from BNK Hospital, Bangalore 

7 Ways to Break Weight Loss Plateau

1. Reduce your Carbs from Diet

Reducing carbs from diet can affect your weight loss journey. Carbohydrates have a huge effect on your weight and body mass. If you are able to cut down some carbs from your diet routine, it can break your weight loss plateau and help you reduce weight. This happen because cutting down carbs makes the body consume accumulated fats in the intestine and other body parts. This regulates your fats towards energy source and helps you reduce weights. However this does not mean to put your diet on zero carbs, some essential good carbohydrates are needed to proper functioning of the body. Low-carbohydrate diet can improve metabolism and aid in weight-loss.


2. Increase intensity of exercise

Exercise is very crucial to lose weight. After a period of time, body gets comfortable with the exercise you do, hence it does not affect your body much. This results in weight loss plateau and constant weight. This cause of weight loss plateau can be easily broken by increasing the intensity of exercise so that your body burns more calories and fat from the body. For this method, you can try resistance training method which increases intensity and effectiveness on your weight loss journey. 

3. Track your calories

When you are stuck in a weight loss plateau and it becomes difficult for you to keep up with the weight loss regime. Then try to count your calories, take help of your dietician to help you with Glycemic Index and other calorie charts to reduce calories from your diet. This comes with a fact that calorie reduction should not affect your essential nutrients and proteins which are important for weight loss. Sometimes it can happen that you take minimal calories but with increased pace and work, calorie count could be affected. Hence track your calories and macronutrients like protein, fats and carbohydrates to break your weight-loss plateau. Modify your diet if you feel the current diet is not effective anymore and increase your efforts.

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4. Don’t Skimp on Protein

If your weight is increasing in past few days, it means the nutrients are not balanced. This can be improved by increasing your carbohydrates and decreasing your carbs and fats from the diet. Weight increases in this case because of thermic effect of food and increases metabolism. Consuming more protein at this stage can help to burn additional calories by 20-30%. Protein digestion is helpful in weight-loss as it increases the metabolic rate to a significant amount. Proteins also stimulate production of hormones and reduce appetite which keeps you from eating additional calories. 


5. Manage your stress levels

Stress plays a big role in increasing weight. It promotes comfort eating or disrupting with your routine which builds on a weight-loss plateau. This can only be broken when you take steps to cope up with your stress. To reduce stress hormones in your body, you need to cut down belly fat. This becomes more evident in women and they have higher chances of falling in this plateau. Learning some methods to cope with your stress and visiting an expert to help you out in this condition can be fruitful for your health and to break weight-loss plateau.


6. Try Intermittent Fasting

Sometimes reducing your calories is not enough to break your weight-loss plateau; hence you need to try different method to go through it. Intermittent fasting is a method in which you are on fast for long periods and have food in particular gaps. You can start with fasting for 16 hours and having protein and fibre rich diet when consuming calories. Period of fasting can increase as you adapt to this condition and decrease your weight by around 8 percent. Intermittent fasting helps to reduce waist circumference within few weeks and break weight loss plateau.

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7. Avoid alcohol for Weight loss

Weight loss is connected to calorie intake. Alcohol has high amount of calories and is not beneficial for your health as well. Alcohol consumption can frequently disrupt your weight-loss journey and put you in a corner. This should be strictly avoided when you are trying to lose weight. For ex- 1.5 ounce of hard liquor can instantly boost 100 calories which are of no nutritional value to your body. 

Other problems related to alcohol causing weight-loss plateau are-

  • Loosening of inhibitions
  • Poor food choices
  • Overeating
  • Impulsive food disorder
  • Alcohol Abuse

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