Follow These Essential Tips While Exercising With A Resistance Band To Avoid Injuries

Resistance bands are pretty useful to help you while exercising. Here are some tips to use them and 4 exercises for beginners. Check them out.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Oct 27, 2020 16:50 IST
Follow These Essential Tips While Exercising With A Resistance Band To Avoid Injuries

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Resistance bands, also commonly called exercise bands are stretchable bands that help you in maintaining fitness. These workout bands are a great advantage if you use them correctly. You can use these workout bands to keep your body physically active. In the beginning, you might feel that exercising with resistance bands is challenging. However, it will get easier with practice and time. Therefore, here are some resistance band tips and beginner exercises for you. 

Tips while exercising with resistance bands 

Keep your body aligned 


Your body posture has to be aligned Keep your knees slightly bent when you work, rather than locking them. Keep your shoulders and your hips lined up with each other, and let your spine keep its natural curve.

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First, try exercising without the band

If trying an exercise for the first time, you should definitely try it initially without using the band. This will enable you to get a proper idea about the movements and stretching. If you feel you are ready and done doing it without the band, you can workout with it.

Keep breathing 

The major thing you have to keep in mind is that never breath less or stop breathing. It is necessary to keep breathing in and out. This is a test if your body will be able to handle stressing your muscles or not. Exhale more rather than holding your breath.  

Take your time

Never think about doing everything at once or moving on to the difficult exercises if you are able to do the beginning ones easily. Always take your time and go with a slow and steady progress. Ideally, you should be able to do around 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions of each exercise.



Don’t leave the resistance band immediately 

When you let go of a resistance band that you had stretched during your exercise, you should never let go it of immediately as it will snap back at you. It can hurt you in an instance. You should always release the band gently.   

Don’t stretch the band too far

Stretching a band more than its ability can break it. Try not to stretch/extend it more than its capacity. The resistance band should not be extended more than 2 and a half times its length. 

Exercises for beginners using resistance bands

While beginners need to understand their flexibility and stretchability power in order to know how much they can use these resistance bands. Here are 4 beginner resistance band workouts:

  • Squats: Squats already take out a lot of you and these bands can become an add on to your intensive workout. You will have to use a light band for this exercise. Firstly, step on the band with both your feet. Grab the ends of the band with one hand on each side. And then, squat. 
  • Chest press: A resistance band chest press is for strengthening your upper body. You have to attach the the band to the poll of your shoulder height. Hold both handles in each hand and face away from the poll. Press the band untill your arms get locked in front. 


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  • Back rows: Back row resistance band exercise is for beginners only. You have to sit for this exercise holding the ends of your resistance band. Put the band over your feet as to pull it back and forth towards you. This will help in building and strengthening your back. 
  • Shoulders press: This resistance band exercise is specifically for your shoulders. For this workout, you have to stand on your band holding and extending both ends upto your shoulder height.  

(Written by Navya Kharbanda)

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