Trying To Lose Weight? Stop Wasting Time On These 5 Exercises

Do you know that some exercises in the gym for weight loss is nothing but a waste of time and energy? So before trying them, learn about them.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Oct 26, 2020Updated at: Oct 26, 2020
Trying To Lose Weight? Stop Wasting Time On These 5 Exercises

Nowadays, our super-hectic schedule makes it more challenging to go to the gym and exercise. But even in this pandemic situation, if you still manage to go to the gym, then it's good for your health. At the same time, it becomes a trouble for those, whose weight increases continuously. Weight loss is not an easy task! It usually takes a long time to get comfortable with any exercise and yoga. Most of the times you follow the movements that your trainer suggest, or you can see people doing in the gym. But is it affecting your body? Such activities are nothing but a waste of time and energy. Therefore, stay away from these five standard practices, which is a waste of time in your workout regime. Let's know about them.


It can be an exercise for pulling heavy weights using your lower back muscles, hamstrings and core strength. But it may not make the body a well-kept body. But if you make a mistake in doing this during this exercise, it can back you up and leave you with terrible back problems. Therefore, do not try to do this exercise until you have been gyming for some time, and highly qualified trainers do not help you.

Elliptical trainer

If you discontinue your workouts with a cardio session and losing weight is your primary goal, then you are wasting your time. According to the analysis conducted at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, these machines are less effective. These are good for low-intensity workouts but not for weight loss. Therefore, if you are fit and do not have any health issues, then there is no benefit of wasting time on it. Instead, you should start running on the treadmill.

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Upright row

Upright row

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, pull a barbell in front of your body vertically until it reaches your neck, bring the weight down slowly in a controlled manner. But it is a complete waste of time. This is because the risk of shoulder injury involved in this restricted exercise is dangerous and a complete waste of energy and time in the gym. Try push-ups instead, which would be much better.

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Ab crunches

A 2011 study at Indiana State University found that doing it did not change people's waist measurements, while they used to cause chronic abdominal pain. So, crunching time for those washboard abs can be a complete waste of. Crunching women can also cause problems related to the muscles of the back and neck. This, in turn, can make your condition worse by increasing the chance of lower back and neck injury.

Dumbbell kickback

A research conducted by the American Council on Exercises found that a gym exercise, in which you have to push the dumbbell back using the strength of your triceps, does not help in weight loss at all. With this, triceps muscles develop just by keeping your elbows stable. Since there is no use of any core strength or shoulder strength, it is a waste of time for weight loss. After all, when bench dips like triceps-toning exercises can work on multiple muscles simultaneously, why waste time on an activity that works on a single muscle? Besides, you are at greater risk of injuries when performing dumbbell bell kickbacks. So women should stay away from it.

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