Top 4 Pilates Exercises For Core Strength, Shared By Pilates Expert Vesna Jacob

Do you want a strong core? Here are some pilates exercises explained by our pilates expert Vesna Jacob.

Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobUpdated at: Oct 03, 2020 17:57 IST
Top 4 Pilates Exercises For Core Strength, Shared By Pilates Expert Vesna Jacob

Pilates exercises for strong core: Pilates, in its essence, is the core-centric system of exercising, and it is believed that the essential part of the body, is what we called a powerhouse. It is also known as the powerhouse of the abdominal muscles, muscles of the lower back and muscles of the pelvic. So it is every time you got on the mat with or without equipment to do pilates, the number 1 thing is to engage the core, and then you do your exercises. The benefits of a healthy body are, aesthetically looking nice and you will have a flat stomach. But more than that it helps to beat the back problem, it helps in injury prevention so that it can fix many cases. 

Lots of Bollywood as well as Hollywood celebrities, they go for pilates to strengthen the core both from performance side as well as trauma, aesthetic because it is looking great. Now, when you are doing pilates, you are not only working on the upper abdominal muscles but also, this is something again significant. Pilates source it out and you can end up looking great as well as functionally being more robust and injury safe.

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Best pilates exercises for the strong core


  • Tabletop leg extension: Put a book on your shins and lift your head off the ground and interlock your fingers and do little crunches. While balancing the book on your shin, the book must not slip or slide down or up. Repetition for crunches you will keep the head up, fingers interlocked on the base of your head, then stretch the legs out without dropping the book, so you repeat ten times, bringing your knees to chest and stretching the legs out without dropping the book. So then repeat ten crunches, so it is taking much ten times with tabletop position then leg extension and then ten crunches again.
  • Reverse crunches: Now, we will put the book aside, and we will do reverse crunches. This means to bring the knees, and you can keep the book in between knees, holding tightly and try to do reverse crunches without dropping the book. Because when you squeeze your legs or hold something in between your knees and legs, it sharps in engaging your deep lower abdominal muscles much better, so this is reverse crunches.
  • Cycling and Side Planks: Then we are going to keep the book in the arms up, and we are going to do cycling with the legs while holding the book in hand. Furthermore, this again engages the lower abs, and we will finish with same side planks, which is excellent for the entire core muscles and as well as oblique (sideways). 

  • Double leg stretch: We are going to keep head up and take the book from the shin, stretch the legs and arms away from each other. And when you are bringing them together then place the book back on the shin and then stretch the arms and legs away from each other, and this is called double leg stretches. 

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