What Are Complex Carbohydrates And Why Should You Have More Of It For Weight Loss?

Who says carbs are only harmful? Some carbs are essential and even aid weight loss. Read more about complex carbohydrates below.

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Reviewed by: Swati BathwalPublished at: Sep 20, 2020Updated at: Sep 20, 2020Written by: Vani Malik
What Are Complex Carbohydrates And Why Should You Have More Of It For Weight Loss?

The body needs carbohydrates, as they are the primary energy source of the body. But when it comes to weight loss, a lot many people give up on carbohydrates for faster results. However, the truth is that you need to eat carbs as it gives our body the required energy to exercise and carry out daily activities without feeling any burnout or fatigue. Carbohydrates are an essential ingredient, which is found in various types of food. You can relate carbs only to bread and rice, but they are also found in dairy, seeds, sugar foods and sweets, fruits, legumes, vegetables, nuts and grains.


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Complexes carbs can be found in cereals (wheat, corn, rice, barley, oats), potatoes, starchy vegetables. It produces four calories per gram take much longer time to digest and therefore release energy at a much slower rate. To further slowdown energy production, it is a good idea to eat your complex carbs along with other foods that include protein like meat, fish, eggs, cheese and fibre for better calorie-burning and weight loss. So why not lose weight with carbohydrates? 

Why Are Complex Carbs Good?

Complex or good carbohydrates are good for health for these below-mentioned reasons:

  • They are rich in fibres and nutrients.
  • They are low in glycemic index.
  • They do not make you feel extremely heavy.
  • Complex carbohydrates boost the metabolism for weight loss.


What To Eat In Complex Carbs?

Listed below are some complex carbs that one must include in their daily diet for better health:  

1# Whole Grains: One of the best ways of consuming complex carbs is to add whole grains in the diet. Whole grains are high in magnesium and potassium. To add more whole grains in the diet, one must add whole-wheat pasta, buckwheat and quinoa for a dose of complex carb in daily diet.

2# Fruits: There are various fruits, which are not only high in fibre content but are rich in complex carbohydrates too. But the only key is to have fresh fruits, and not canned ones. Add more bananas, berries and apples in the diet for the maximum benefit of complex carbohydrates.

3# Vegetables: Just like fruits, some vegetables, with fibre, are enriched with complex carbs too. So do not forget to add more greens in the diet, which may add vegetables like carrots, green leafy vegetables and broccoli.

4# Add More Beans: Lentils or split beans are one of the best sources of complex carbohydrates. Black, kidney, white beans all fall into the complex carb category and must be added for those who wish to lose weight healthily. 


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Adding complex carbs in the diet can be a bit tricky for a lot many people. Helping you make good use of complex carbs in daily diet, Nutritionist Swati Bathwal helps us with some tips and tricks to add complex carbs to accelerate weight loss: 

  • Just add Jowar roti, oats roti, Dalia, whole grain, whole wheat, multigrain 
  • Even khichadi is a wholesome meal consisting of whole grain that is nutritious. Whole grains helps in stabilisation of sugars. Whole grain reduces sugar spikes and hence it is great for controlling sugars and hunger.
  • Brown rice, parboiled rice are also good options
  • Complex carbs are mostly rich in fibre, so it doesn’t make u feel hungry. 
  • They are also rich in soluble fibre that helps in reducing cholesterol and risks of colon cancer
  • Just swap refined grains to whole grains in simple steps.

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