Second Marriage Can Be A Life-Changing Decision For You, These Benefits are Proof

If you are thinking for second marriage, here are some reasons why these are more successful than the first marriage.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 24, 2022Updated at: May 24, 2022
Second Marriage Can Be A Life-Changing Decision For You, These Benefits are Proof

Many Bollywood celebrities are setting examples by marrying for the second time. This could be due to a failed marriage or losing the partner. Finding love and settling again should not be a taboo anymore as this gives a person second chance on love and life that they deserve. Very recently, singer Kanika Kapoor tied the knot with beau in a fun-filled ceremony. For those who don’t know, Kanika is a mother to 3 children who were equally ecstatic in her mother’s second marriage. This shows that remarriage can bring lost happiness in a person and their family member’s lives. There are many more such examples that prove second marriages are actually second chances for a blissful life.

Why second marriages are more successful?

In India, there is still a social stigma about second marriage or remarriage after divorce, demise of spouse or falling in love again. Different people have different reasons and statements for second marriage but surprisingly, it is found that second marriages are better and it drastically transforms the life of the person for good. There are so many examples of successful second marriages which shows that this can be a life-changing decision. 

7 Reasons That Make Second Marriages Successful

Here we have listed seven reasons or benefits of second marriage that should be attributed to making this second take on marriage worthy.

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Why are second marriages successful

You make a wise choice

Unlike the first time, this time you have a mature thought process to look at a person and understanding their goods and bads. Basically, you have learned a lesson from your previous association which helps you to understand what you really want in a marriage. This is a more analytical and logical approach to not just settle for love or need but a compatible partner who you wish to have for the rest of your life.

You are more mature

Even if your marriage lasted for months or years, it has made you mature as a person. No matter what happened to your previous marriage, went out of love or abusive relationship or demise of partner or any other reason, it has made you stronger enough that you can now take your decisions on your own. 

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You know your wishes and expectations

A failed marriage gives a reality check and makes you more confident. At the end of it, you know what you really are as a person. A lot of times, women give up their wishes and ambitions for the sake of marriage. When that marriage fail, they become independent and confident. When thinking about second marriage, you know what you expect from your partner. While searching for prospective partners, you are able to put down your aspirations and conditions freely without the fear of being judged. 

You have a shared foundation

If this is a second marriage of both the partners then there is no space for compromise. You both know what you want and only upon matching, you go ahead with the decision of second marriage. This gives a strong foundation to your relationship.

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You are committed

After going through hardships in your first marriage, you don’t want that to repeat. This makes a person more committed towards the second marriage and this is why, these are more successful. You are more dedicated and committed to make this marriage work and so, this one is more stronger than the first one.

Why are second marriages successful

You appreciate and value each other

Where there is love, there is care and value. When you find the right partner who is exactly what you want, it makes you more thankful and gratitude. Meeting the right person when you have just come out of a bad relationship teaches you the real value of a good partner. You appreciate the little joys and fight major hardships with ease.

No adjustment at all!

This is probably the one most important reason why people consider second marriages and they turn out to be beautiful and successful. You decide what you want to do without any adjustments. Whether it is relocating to a different place or leaving your job or family members. Everything is pre-decided and so, no after-marriage shock is there.

There are many reasons why second marriages are a hit but that is only if you find the right partner. If you are thinking to give second change to marriage, you must analyze all the aspects before sealing the deal.

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