Want To Know Whether You Have Chosen Right or Wrong Partner? Give Yourself A Reality Check

If you are confused about whether you have chosen the right partner or not, this article will help you. Scroll down to read the details.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Oct 26, 2020Updated at: Oct 26, 2020
Want To Know Whether You Have Chosen Right or Wrong Partner? Give Yourself A Reality Check

Finding love is not easy and maintaining that relationship is more than difficult. There are many instances where even after knowing a person for years, you don’t feel that connection with him/her that makes you want to spend your entire life with them. Sometimes, you instantly gel up with someone after the very first meeting that you cannot imagine your life without them. There are so many possibilities but choosing the right partner is most important. Sometimes, you confuse the wrong person being the right one and later regret. Thus, it is better to conduct a reality check to see if your Mr./Miss Right is actually right or not.

Is your partner giving you personal space?

If your partner starts intervening in your personal matters, then you may have chosen the wrong guy. Everything is lovey-dovey and happy in the beginning but as time passes by, the true colours are revealed. Many people are clingy that they try to intervene in everything even if you don’t need their opinion or advice. If you are a free person then personal space would be very important for you. In such cases, a clingy partner is definitely the wrong choice.


Does your partner try to change you?

Before getting into the rebound relationship, if the person asked you to remain the same and happily accept the way you are even after months into it, he/she is certainly the right choice. On the other hand, if your partner suggests you change your dressing, style, behaviour or anything else, then that isn’t right. This can be frustrating and if you are feeling the same, it is better to end rather than stick to an unhappy relationship where you aren’t you.

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Does your partner always consider their problem as bigger and yours smaller? 


The nature of some people is such that they always find their problem to be bigger than the one facing them. Such people want sympathy and help from you in their misery, but they themselves take away their sorrow as small. If there is such a thing in the nature of your partner, then you should avoid it. Because later you are going to become quite frustrated with this habit of theirs. Broken trust is also a major issue.

Does your partner ignore your opinion?

Some people have this false belief that their verdict is always right. This habit is one of the prime reasons that lead to a couple of fights. If you find that your partner tries to impose their decision on you or ignore your opinion even if it is right for that particular case, you should warn yourself. With such a person you can be happy for a few days but it can be difficult to spend the entire life.

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Does work is always more important than a relationship with your partner?

Career is important but not always. There are times when you need to give priority to your career or job but it shouldn’t happen always. Relationship should be given equal importance and time. If your partner places their work before you, then you need to reconsider your decision.

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