Want To Know The Secret To A Successful Marriage? Find Out In This Article

Forgiveness is the secret for a successful marriage that every couple should know about. But there are certain things that need to be understood.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Nov 01, 2020Updated at: Nov 03, 2020
Want To Know The Secret To A Successful Marriage? Find Out In This Article

Marriage is an institution where two individuals come together to create their life together as one. Things are lovey-dovey in the beginning but there are many challenges that a couple has to face with passing time. Arguments, disagreements, reconciliations, etc. become a part of their lives. They fight, they cry and ultimately come back together but this is not the case with everyone. It depends upon the subject of the argument. Sometimes, it could be a serious issue that is not easy to resolve. Sometimes, one partner has to leave behind everything and work to get back together. Staying quiet, agreeing to the fact and forgiving the partner(if it was their fault) is sometimes the only solution to resolve things. In short, forgiveness is the key and it is the secret to a successful marriage.

Why forgiveness is better than stretching the argument?

Healthy fighting is good as it helps two people come closer and understand each other’s point of view. When you argue over an issue and within moments resolve it, it is called healthy fighting. No one feels offended or devalued which is what should happen in a relationship. You must maintain friendship in relationship

couple arguments

But there are instances when a disagreement turns into a heated argument and you end up having a fight where no one is talking to each other. In that case, one person has to take the initiative to resolve the issue. It is forgiveness or an act of let go of things. But is this really true? Not really or not in every case.

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Is forgiveness the secret to a happy marriage?

Many people believe that compromise and forgiveness are very important attributes of a successful partnership. But this is half true. There should never be just one person doing all the compromises and forgiving the other. When two people are in love, they must share everything including forgetting. A long-lasting relationship is all about bonding. Regular episodes of compromise weaken the bond and there may come a point where all hell breaks loose of the compromising partner.  Quarantine has caused many divorces.

As per some studies, forgiveness is the secret to a healthy and happy relationship. The guilt may revise their actions and learn from them. Those who fear to lose their partners would immediately take a step to better things. But this should be in balance. There shouldn’t be breaching of the trust again and again and then seeking forgiveness for the same.

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Balanced forgiveness


There are people who commit the same mistake all over again and then expect forgiveness from their partners. This cannot be possible every single time. Though your partner may forgive you out of love you shouldn’t take advantage of their feelings for you. They do it out of love and you must respect them by reciprocating the same.

In a nutshell, forgiveness is the secret of a happy relationship only if both the partners show the same feeling of keeping the relationship. Fight but resolve it sooner to keep the spark in your relationship alive. Understand each other and share everything from happiness and sorrows.

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