How does lack of communication affect relationships

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Apr 28, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • Lack of communication in relationship leads to build up of grudge.
  • It plays a part in hampering the growth of a relationship.
  • It makes people make negative interpretations.
  • It is better to communicate in a mature way rather than ruining a relationship.

Communication allows exchange of emotions between people. When there is lack of communication, a psychological block builds between the persons involved. It can ruin the flow of positive reaffirmations between two individuals and hamper the growth of relationship. The key to a healthy relationship is to allow for unhesitant flow of communication as much as possible.


communication in relationships


It would be easy to avoid adverse effects of poor communication in a relationship if one knew how it comes about

  • Avoiding a topic of discussion by both partners result in poor communication as it never arises in the conversation.
  • If only one partner avoids it, the conversation on the topic is resisted and stopped as soon as it comes up.
  • Diverting the contentious matter of discussion consciously or unconsciously.

The bone of contention between two people remains intact when the other person notices the wilful or unconscious avoidance. He/she is likely to paint a picture which is far from reality. Some people are especially adept at making the most negative of interpretations out of issues of little consequence.

Non-verbal communication is as important

Similar is the case with nonverbal communication. Many things are expressed by gestures and manoeuvres which is expected to convey the message to the other person. This is particularly glaring when romantic situations develop between people. After the flow of the non-verbal communication dims, one or both people take it as a signal for the end. The emotions need to be verbalised for the romantic situation to reach its suitable end, even if it is an affirmation of platonic relationship from henceforth. It is better to communicate in a mature way rather than allow the poor communication affect a relationship.


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