World Heart Day 2021: Know About These 7 Types Of Heart Diseases To Prevent Health Adversities

Heart diseases can cause severe health adversities, know about these 7 types of heart problems for awareness and prevention.

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World Heart Day 2021: Know About These 7 Types Of Heart Diseases To Prevent Health Adversities

Heart problems can be cause adverse affect on health. There are numerous heart diseases which occur in the body and it needs immediate medical attention so that there are no complications. Unfortunately most of the heart diseases do not have any symptoms in the initial phase. It is also one of the leading causes of adversities and deaths in the country. It is important to know about different types of heart diseases so that proper measures can be taken to avoid any heart problem. Today we will discuss about types of heart diseases and conditions affecting these cardiovascular problems. 

Why Do Heart Diseases Occur?

Heart diseases occur because of multiple reasons, to explain those conditions we have Dr. Zaheer Qureshi, Consultant in Department of Cardiology in BNK Hospital, Bangalore. He says that there are many heart problems that can occur in a human being. It is hard to tell cause of each disease. Every heart problem is related to dysfunction of ventricles, heart muscles, blood circulation in the vessels, tissue dysfunction and some others. Heart problems are further divided into sub-categories depending on the area they affect, how long does it last and problem that happens after that heart disease. Hence if we consider heart disease as a whole, they occur because of dysfunction in cardiovascular system and functionary bodies that are connected to heart in some way or the other. 


Types of Common Heart Diseases

1. Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary artery disease or coronary heart disease is one of the most commonly occurring heart problems in India. It is caused because of inadequate blood supply to heart. Blood vessels that connect heart to other body parts become narrow or blocked because of plaque accumulation in the artery. Plaque formation can be caused by high level of cholesterol in the body or because of other substances which result in plaque formation in the blood. 

This causes heart to get less oxygen and fewer nutrients that it are required which results in muscle weakness leading to number of complications in the body. Coronary heart disease can also result to heart failure and heart attack in quick successions. 

2. Congenital Heart Defects

Another type of heart problem that is quite evident in children is congenital heart defect. This is a heart disease which occurs mostly in infants and children. Congenital heart defects happen when there is some kind or heart defect that is present in the child’s heart from the very birth of the child. It can be deformity of the heart or because of usual hole or structural deformity. It can be of three types-

  • Atresia- This is a deformity in which the heart valves are not present of missing from their spot.
  • Atypical heart valves- this is caused when the valves of heart do not open properly resulting in many serious issues like blood leak etc.
  • Septal defects- This is one of the heart disease in which there is a hole present in the heart in either of the chambers which makes it difficult for the child to perform many functions.

Symptoms of this problem do not occur initial in the new born baby until he is diagnosed or has any issues. It becomes more evident when the heart grows and that defect causes certain complications which can have life-threatening consequences. 


3. Dilated Cardiomyopathy

In this type of heart disease, heart chambers of any one side or both become dilated. This means that heart muscles become thinner which increases tendency of having heart attacks, arrhythmias. Etc. It can be a very complicated problem as treatment of this heart disease is not easy. Dilated Cardiomyopathy makes your heart weak and you may face problems such as blood clots in heart and heart failure at any stage of your life. Hence the best solution in this case is to take necessary precautions and do not perform any activity that may affect your heart functions at any point.

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4. Arrhythmia

This refers to having problem in your heartbeats. Irregular heartbeats in a person are result of arrhythmia. This heart disease is caused when the electrical impulses that send signal to the heart do not work properly or in coordination. This can cause problem in the heart that may result to quicker heartbeat or slower heartbeat. There are various types of arrhythmias-

  1. Tachycardia- rapid heartbeat
  2. Bradycardia- slow heartbeat
  3. Premature contractions- this in when contractions happen early in heart
  4. Atrial fibrillation- means having irregular heartbeat 

In this condition, a person may feel having fluttering or racing heart most of the times. It could be a life-threatening heart problem as heart is unable to coordinate properly with the body.


5. Heart Attack

This is a very common term and is known by most of the people. Heart attack or myocardial infarctions are caused because of interruption in blood flowing to the heart. When there isn’t adequate blood flow, it results in damage of heart muscles which can even cause sudden deaths. Most common cause of having heart attack is because of plaque accumulation in the heart vessels or blood clotting from the artery. 

6. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

It is also a type of heart problem that occur because of dysfunction of heart muscles. However this situation or condition is usually because of genetic issues in the person that may be inherited. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy can be caused because of thick muscles of the heart leading to difficulty in contractions. This can affect your ability of heart to pump blood in and out. Because of this type of obstruction, it can lead to many other heart problems as well, and it not treated in time, it may lead to severe complication and sudden death. People over the age of 35 are more vulnerable to this heart problem or those having a history of heart problems running in their family.

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7.  Heart Failure

This is one of the most severe heart problems that can take a person to life-threatening consequences in no time. It usually does not have symptom, hence it becomes even harder to detect this heart problem. Congestive heart failure is also one of the types of heart failure in which the person feels issues with pumping blood to the heart. 

Heart failure can lead to coronary artery disease, increased blood pressure and many other heart problems at a single time. It is very difficult for a person to recover from this stage and his ability to perform certain functions or activities can be stopped from later stage of his life. 

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