How Footwear Can Help Increase Blood Circulation?

The shoe becomes an active means of exercise, without requiring today’s passive people to develop activity – “The Gym in your Shoe”

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Apr 18, 2020
How Footwear Can Help Increase Blood Circulation?

Healthy footwear is a critical part of your healthy lifestyle apart from exercise, healthy food, sleep and stress management. They help avoid future foot, knee, back and posture problems for you and energises your feet for all-day activity without any tiredness despite current problems. People do not understand that feet are the foundation of their body. Our body is like a chain of links (feet, knees, hip, back, spine etc) if the first link(feet) is not positioned correctly, all other links (knees, back) have problems.

Our feet were naturally made for and functioned perfectly in earlier times when we use to:

  • Walk barefoot (no shoes)
  • A lot (8000 steps or more) daily
  • On soft surfaces like grass etc.

Mr Ashish Jain, Ceo and Director, Von Wellx Germany says that it naturally stimulated all organ’s nerve endings (in feet) thus increasing blood and oxygen flow to them and kept feet, knees and back healthy by performing the static, dynamic and reflex functions of the feet. (Reflexology)

But now in modern reality,

  • we walk less than 3000 steps daily
  • on hard man-made surfaces (extra shock),
  • are not able to stimulate our feet properly since no enough barefoot walking
  • use technically bad footwear which has hard soles and do not support the feet well.

Mr Ashish Jain stated that this has destroyed the natural connection of the feet with the body (static, dynamic and reflex function) and raise the need for healthy footwear. Dr Med Walter Mauch, a famous German doctor for orthopaedics, chirotherapy, sports medicine and naturopathy developed the internationally patented 5 Zones technology based on the science of reflexology to solve these problems without disturbing your normal lifestyle. The feet have nerve endings of all the organs of the body.

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The elevated 5 Zones provides: 


  • Soft Massage all day on the go (Like Barefoot Walking on grass)
  • Stimulates organ’s nerve endings in feet
  • To increase blood flow, oxygen and restore natural foot/organ connection (reflex function)
  • Balancing muscle tensions, correcting foot and body position (static, dynamic function)
  • Also absorbs Hard surface’s shocks
  • Provides feet correct support and natural flexibility (German Lasts, Long counters)

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5 Healthy Points to use Healthy Footwear


  • Energises feet for 12+ hours standing and walking (No tiredness)
  • Exercises foot for strength
  • Relieves feet, knee and back pain
  • Protects joints and muscles
  • Corrects foot position and body posture

Dr Umashankar Mohanty, President – Indian Association of Physiotherapists told that healthy footwear provides the necessary support and stimulation to avoid all these problems. It is recommended to use these shoes.

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