5 Lingerie Mistakes That Can Have A Serious Impact On Your Health

Here are some of the most common lingerie mistakes that people make which might result into some serious health problems

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Sep 27, 2021 17:32 IST
5 Lingerie Mistakes That Can Have A Serious Impact On Your Health

 Lingerie is something that we all invest in irrespective of the genders, age, color and our physical appearances. Where lingerie is no less than an essencial, people often buy it in order to make themselves feel attractive and to enhance their look. Where we all have been using it for years we think that we know what kind of garments are right for us. Well if you think you are an expert and can not make any mistake while buying lingerie for yourselves then this article can be an eye opener. Read along to know about some of the most common lingerie mistakes that you might be making and the health risks associated with them.

#1. Wearing Tight Undergarments

If you are someone who prefers to wear body hugging super tight underwear then you need to stop this habit right away. Wearing tight underwear or bras can lead to restricted air circulation and can also cause irritation and infection. The risks of wearing a tight underwear are-

  • Restricted Air Circulation- Well your underwear is a garment that covers the reproductive organs. These organs need  to breathe and require adequate air circulation to maintain proper hygiene and protect themselves from  infections. 
  • Bacterial Buildup- Wearing tight underwear while exercising can be way more dangerous than you think. As it increases your body temperature and makes you sweat. This results in excess moisture which traps the unwanted infection causing bacteria in that region.
  • Acid Reflux- Not just this but tight underwear that clings to your lower abdomen can cause a lot of discomfort. Some tight high rise panties can exert so much pressure on your stomach that it can result in acid reflux and lead to heartburn.
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  • Restricted Blood Circulation- Tight underwears can also decrease blood circulation and cause numbness and irritation.
  • Skin irritation- Wearing an underwear or a bra that is too tight can cause skin irritation and result in rashes and hives along with some other skin issues like dermatitis and folliculitis

#2. Colored Fabrics with Synthetic Dyes

Wearing undergarments which are colored with synthetic dyes is no less than poison to your body. Wearing undergarments that are colored with synthetic colors like azo dyes. The side effects of wearing undergarments that are colored with these synthetic yes are- 

  • Skin Reaction- These dyes have a potential to cause some serious skin reactions. These reactions could take place in the form of rashes, inflamed patches, dry and itchy skin.

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  • Yeast Infection- Well yes your underwear can be responsible for causing that yeast infection. As these harmful chemical based synthetic dyes come in direct contact with your vagina, it can result in inducing infections.

#3. Material Matters

No matter how confident and attractive you feel in those silk, satin synthetic and spandex panties, they are a reason for a major discomfort. It is always advised to invest an good cotton underwears and here are the side effects of ditching on them-

  • Yeast Infection- Wearing synthetic underwears might seem nice and attractive until they lead to some serious problems like yeast infection, vaginal infection and urinary tract infection. The reason behind this is that most of these fabrics are sweat absorbers and do not leave space for your body to breathe. Due to this sweat and moisture gets trapped in and results in the formation of bacteria and causes infections.
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  • Skin irritation- Not just vaginal and UTIs but these synthetic undergarments can result in skin infections as well. Wearing a synthetic underwear or bra can lead to itching, irritation and redness due to its sweat absorbing property which makes it difficult for the air to reach the skin and your body to breath.

#4. Repeating Lingerie

This is the greatest sin of all. Not just that it’s gross but wearing the same pair of undergarments without washing can be dangerous as well. Repeating your undergarments can result in various skin related problems and other infections as well. The health hazards of repeating your undergarments can be-

  • Bacterial Infection- As your undergarments are the pair of clothing which comes in direct contact with your skin and hence whatever sweat is discharged from the body gets in contact with them. As your undergarments trap this sweat, repeating them without washing can lead into bacterial growth that may cause bacterial infections.
  • Increased Secretion- Due to the accumulation of moisture, one is more likely to find an increased secretion of discharge and fluids. 

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  • Yeast Infection- Lack of cleansing and not maintaining proper hygiene prepares the best environment for the yeast to grow. Wearing dirty undergarments allows the bacteria to grow and hence by repeating the dirty garments you allow the previous bacteria to build up.

#5. Cheap Underwired Bras

breast feeding

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We understand that not everyone can invest in luxury lingerie brands. But going for a low quality cheap one is not the only alternative. Investing in low quality underwired bras can hurt your health in more than one way and has numerous side effects such as-

  • Risk of hurting- This is one of the most common risks of wearing a cheap underwire bra that many people have experienced. As the wires tend to cut through the fabric after a certain amount of time and tend to hurt your breasts and in some cases even make cuts.
  • Blocked milk ducts- Who knew that a bra can actually cause your milk ducts to block. This risk is associated with the nursing or breastfeeding mothers. As special kinds of supportive bras are meant to be worn while feeding the baby as it makes the process easy and comfortable. As these bras are super tight and have wires sticking through them, it can impede the milk flow and result in pooling the milk inside your breasts.
  • Neck pain- An unknown and a surprising neck can be hiding right below it. Wearing underwired bras have been linked to neck pains and headaches as they put some extra strain on your neck. These bras tend to put the weight of your breasts on your neck and the shoulders which causes neck pain and might also result in headaches.
  • Indigestion- A serious risk of wearing low quality underwire bras can be indigestion and chest pain which might require immediate medical assistance.

Well now you know all about the lingerie mistakes that you need to avoid in order to protect yourself from various health issues. Do remember this lingerie guid the next time you go out shopping in order to stay safe and healthy by investing in the right kind of undergarments.

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