How To Tackle a Urinary Tract Infection in Monsoon? Doctor Answers

Urinary tract infection is prevalent in the monsoon season and can cause a lot of discomfort. Know from doctor how to tackle this health problem.

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Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 30, 2021Updated at: Jul 14, 2022
How To Tackle a Urinary Tract Infection in Monsoon? Doctor Answers

Is there a burning sensation while urinating? Are you unable to work from home or do your daily activities with ease? Did you panic owing to symptoms such as nausea or vomiting? Worried as you are making continuous trips to the toilet? Then, you can blame it on urinary tract infection. Yes, monsoon sets an ideal stage for a UTI as there is a marked increase in the cases. Thus, you will have to take good care of yourself to keep UTI at bay, says Dr. S K Pal, Urologist, Apollo Spectra Delhi, Nehru Enclave. Try to fuel your body with water, maintain good personal hygiene, and do not use any chemical products down there. Read on to know more about this, and don’t forget to swear by the tips listed in the below article.

You may be surely rejoicing because the monsoon is pleasing, and can help you get relief from the scorching heat? Right? Do you also know that it can also invite a plethora of allergies, infections, and notorious conditions that can steal your peace of mind? Though monsoon is your favorite romantic season, you need to be vigilant as it may double your chances of suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI). And yes, we are not kidding here! UTI occurrence is commonly seen in monsoon as a sudden change in the weather can take a hit on one’s immunity making him/her susceptible to infections. That is why UTI cases tend to spike during rainy days. Moreover, the dampness and humidity that are there in the atmosphere are very favorable factors for growth of bacteria and that is how, one will fall prey to a UTI.

What is a urinary tract infection (UTI)?

urinary tract infection

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can be seen when the bacteria tends to get access into the urinary system and starts growing and multiplying. This bacterial infection usually gains access through the opening of the urethra and moves upward into one’s urinary tract. In serious cases, the infection may travel upto the kidneys and cause kidney damage, if left untreated. The red flags of UTI are pain and burning sensation while urination, uncontrollable and frequent urge to urinate, dark colored urine, foul-smelling urine, tiredness, excruciating pain in the lower abdomen and loins, fever, nausea, and vomiting. Thus, once you notice these symptoms, without any further delay, you need to consult an urologist who will suggest you a proper line of treatment. Also, avoid self-medication as it can be risky for you.

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How to prevent UTI In Monsoon?

Follow these vital measures to prevent UTIs during the rainy season

Hydration is the key- Drinking enough water and passing urine can flush out bacteria and toxins from your urinary system allowing you to stay healthy.  Bid adieu to alcohol, coffee, colas, or sodas that can irritate the bladder by further worsening your condition. Avoid spicy, oily, processed, and junk food. 

Avoid holding your urine- Pee when you feel like. Holding back the urine can lead to the growth of bacteria that can cause a UTI.

How to prevent UTI In Monsoon

Stay away from chemical products- Are you using any chemical-laden products down there? Then you have to discontinue doing so. Remember not to douche, use sprays, powders, or deodorants that contain harmful ingredients leading to irritation, pain, and a burning sensation in the vaginal region.

Wear undergarments of breathable material- Change the underwear on a daily basis. Warmth and moisture are favorable conditions for bacterial growth.

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Concentrate on maintaining good personal hygiene- Avoid wearing tight clothes of synthetic materials as moisture can get trapped in the delicate areas. You should not be sweating down there. Wear a loose skirt or a pant to enhance circulation and avoid bacterial growth.

Wipe correctly- Try to wipe yourself from front to back and not vice versa as this will help prevent the bacteria from anal region, spreading to your vagina or urethra.

Opt for a heating pad- Are you petrified owing to abdominal pain? Then, we have got you covered. Just apply a heating pad to your abdomen to tackle the discomfort and pain. It can provide a soothing and calming effect.

These are some of the ways to keep urinary tract infection at bay during the rainy season. If you practice these measures, you would also be safe from other common infections and illnesses during monsoon.

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