Here Is Why You Must Eat Mulberries When In Season

Mulberries or shehtoot are in season and you should not miss eating them for the myriad benefits they offer.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 17, 2022Updated at: Apr 17, 2022
Here Is Why You Must Eat Mulberries When In Season

Every fruit is good for health but not all possess exceptional properties offering a myriad health benefits. You must have seen pink mulberries falling of trees but have you tasted them? These have a distinct fruity taste that is surely going to make you fall for them. But that is not all, wild mulberries or shehtoot(as they are fondly called in India) are loaded with vital nutrients that help in fixing numerous health issues. Despite being super sweet, these have fewer calories that makes them ideal for snacking. In this article, we will tell you shehtoot or mulberry fruit health benefits. Keep reading to know them.

Health Benefits of Mulberry or Shehtoot

Mulberries are one of the berry variety that is grown in India. These look like long blackberries with sweet taste. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared an Instagram post dedicated to benefits of mulberries. She writes, “the shehtooth, tuth or tooti, the many names that it goes by is abundantly available everywhere in our part of the world. All we need now is the education and awareness that this fruit is not just super healthy but bloody priceless.”

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Let us take a look at Indian mulberry health benefits:

Great for eye health

Most of us are troubled with eye fatigue, dry eyes, lack of concentration and blurry vision due to increased screen time lately. Not just staying away from screen would help but we also need to improvise our diet accordingly to promote eye health. Shehtoot contains carotenes and zeaxanthin that are great for promoting eye health. So, have these when in season to get these nutrients.

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Immunity booster

If you are worried about poor immunity, you must have mulberries. A lot of people are prone to catching cough and cold particularly during seasonal changes which indicates weakening immunity. If you are also one of them, having mulberries would give the much-needed vitamin boost to your body. These berries might look small but are potent in relieving flu and congestion symptoms.

Mulberry benefits

Great for digestive health

If you are someone dealing with digestive issues like bloating, indigestion, constipation, weight gain, etc. shehtoot is the right seasonal fruit for you. It might be sweet but it has low calories that help in boosting digestion. Additionally, these berries also promote weight loss by enhancing digestive abilities.

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Manage blood sugar levels

One of the potent mulberry health benefits is that it regulates blood sugar in the body by optimizing absorption of glucose in the body. It is a myth that diabetics cannot eat sweet fruits because shehtoot defies all odds. Mulberries are found to have certain nutrients and chemicals that are used in diabetes medicines. 

Mulberry benefits

Boost blood circulation

Mulberries contain antioxidants that are great for the body. Consuming shehtoot regularly helps in dilating blood vessels that improves blood circulation and other functions. Blood smoothly flows through the vessels and reaches to heart and other organs. Besides, mulberries increase the production of red blood cells because these berries have iron in it. These also have potassium and polyphenols to enhance overall functions and keeping blood pressure under control.

Promotes liver health

Due to high iron content, mulberries are great for your liver. Their consumption aids blood purification that helps in promoting liver health. People who have weak live functions must stock up on mulberries and have them fresh to strengthen your liver again.


Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, mulberries also possess anti-inflammatory properties that helps in managing inflammation in the body including inflammatory diseases due to presence of Anthocyanins. We believe these reasons are enough to make you believe in the goodness of mulberries aka shehtoot and add these to your diet.

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