7 Health Benefits Of Drinking Broccoli Juice

Broccoli juice can create an impact a big impact on your health. Know benefits of drinking this juice here. 

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 15, 2022Updated at: Apr 15, 2022
7 Health Benefits Of Drinking Broccoli Juice

We look at different fruits and vegetables to provide us with different types of health benefits. Like carrots are for eyes, every vegetable has its own USP or special benefits that it can give back to the body. But apart from their USP, they also have various other benefits that could boost your body functions and enhance immunity against diseases and infections. Broccoli is very talked about vegetable that some people like and many people drink just to gain its benefits. If you cannot have broccoli in salads or solid form, why not to try it like a juice. Yes, broccoli juice is as nutritious as the vegetable itself and today we will tell you about its various health benefits. 

Broccoli Juice Nutrition 

We spoke to Ms. Shilpa Singh, Clinical Nutritionist from Fatima Hospital to know about nutritional aspects of consuming broccoli juice. She explained that like any other green leafy vegetables, broccoli is also rich in vitamins, mineral and other nutrients. The goodness of broccoli remains as it is in the juice form as well, considering it has not been boiled or been added with some external supplement. One of the major benefits of drinking broccoli is because of its broccoli seed extracts that aid in cell replication and improvement in liver health. 


Health Benefits of Broccoli Juice 

1. Increases Red Blood Cells 

Broccoli contains a lot iron in it that could increase the production of red blood cells in the body. It might even improve your hemoglobin levels which provides you with oxygen and transport blood in the arteries. Drinking Broccoli juice also contains proteins in them that helps to carry oxygen in the blood. Juice can actually provide energy and nutrients in a faster way because it reduces the job of digestion.  

2. Improve Brain Functions 

This juice also contains rich source of folate and vitamin B9 in them. It provides essential nutrients that could be helpful in DNA production, especially in pregnant women. Broccoli juice that contains high amount of folate in it can protect your liver from many infections and risk of diseases as well. Folate can strengthen your immune system and can keep your overall health at a very good pace.  


3. Cancer Prevention 

Broccoli juice cannot totally remove the risk of getting cancer, but it can provide nutrients that could reduce the risk of it. Consuming the juice at least twice in a day can provide you with sufficient amount of vitamin B12 and riboflavin that could provide health benefits against cancer. Vitamin B6 actually has pyridoxine and B9. Antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals that reduces the risk of certain types of cancers.  

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4. Blood Clotting 

Broccoli that contains vitamin K content can result to more RDA for adults. There are two types of blood clotting, unhealthy and healthy. Healthy blood clotting can be caused because of blood coagulate and maintain normal levels of bleeding. Drinking broccoli juice can actually speed up healing of cuts, bruises and wounds of the body.  

5. Bone and Teeth Health 

It also has adequate amount of calcium, actually more than what is present in milk. Broccoli juice can be taken for those that are lactose intolerant people and those who do not like milk at all. Broccoli can improve your bone health and keep your teeth away from falling off or coming down. It might even lower your chances of arthritis and osteoporosis.  


6. Increase Cell Protection 

The amount of manganese present in the juice can elevate your levels of antioxidant in the blood. It can also create enzymes that could help to protect cellular structures against the damage caused by toxic compounds. Broccoli juice can improve your cellular metabolism and can be very beneficial for your health. Manganese present in the juice can help to process carbohydrates and proteins. As the cell production increases the recovery of wounds and bone development also takes place in a similar fashion. 

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7. Improves Your Vision 

Drinking broccoli juice can also improve your eye health and vision. The carotenoids present in zeaxanthin and lutein can maintain your vision and reduce the harmful effect of pollutants and irritants. Broccoli juice can protect your eyes in such a way that it reduces damages caused by infections on the eyes. It can protect you from harmful UV rays coming from the sun and excessive sunlight falling on the eyes. 

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