Know The Healing Power Of Cosmic Colours for Mind & Body From Art Curator

Do you know that colours possess great healing powers that can help your mind & body come out of difficult situations?

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 07, 2021Updated at: May 07, 2021
Know The Healing Power Of Cosmic Colours for Mind & Body From Art Curator

Have you felt relaxed after looking at colourful things or a paining with a splash of colour? Even if your favourite colour is black, your stressed mind would calm down after it sees vibrant colours. This is because of the cosmic energy of colours. The reason you should have coloured walls or paintings and art pieces all around the house is that it soothes your mind and reflect positivity. Colours are healers and you must try this with you especially during these gloomy pandemic times.

According to Dr. Meenu Kumar- Art Critic, Art Curator, Artist and Artpreneur, adorning the walls with colourful artworks not only adds dimension to your space but is also proven to aid the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of a person. From paintings to sculptures to other art installations, keep something around you and it will impact your life, positively.

Healing Power of Colours

According to the doctrine of chromotherapy, our bodies are made up of colours. Each chakra has a specific colour attached to it. Also, have you ever wondered why nature is wrapped in colours and why you feel calm & composed when you are around nature? This is because of colours. Yes, water is blue, trees are green, sunlight is yellow, and so on. These hold tremendous healing abilities that are effective in holistic healing. Different colours have different frequencies and vibrations that influence the emotions of a person. Particularly, there is influencing colour of each chakra and so, chakra imbalance can be healed with colour therapy.

Healing Power of Colours 

Chakras and Colours

Chakras are basically energy centers of the human body. There are seven chakras and each of them is designated for different physical and psychological purposes. Every ailment that you might be suffering from is because of chakra imbalance in the body. Through chakra healing, you can address those issues. Now, every chakra has a particular colour. If we consider the colours top to bottom, the colour pattern is ROYGBIV. The uppermost corresponds to red while the lowermost corresponds to violet colour. Let us explain to you:

The root chakra(Red Colour)– Red is a lively spirited colour that symbolizes power, confidence and strength. Besides, red is considered as the colour of well-being, good fortune and happiness. Not to forget, red also symbolizes love and so, it can aid relationship issues among couples.

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The sacral chakra(Orange)- This is the perfect combination of energetic yellow and warm red. Orange colour is linked to energy and activity. If you are dealing with gloominess, add orange artwork to your room.

Chakras and Colours 

Solar plexus chakra(Yellow)- The colour of the sunshine, yellow denotes brainpower and mental clarity. If you are feeling low on energy, start looking for yellow things around you to uplift energy levels.

The heart chakra(Green Colour)- The colour of the environment, green shows wealth and prestige. You can keep plants indoors or simply put a green canvas on the wall.

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The throat chakra(Blue)- This colour is soothing and calming. It symbolizes tranquility and healing. Turn to water bodies like lakes, seas and oceans to enhance your mood and heal your soul.

The third-eye chakra(Indigo)- This colour is associated with spirituality and royalty. There are so many shades or indigo or purple that denote different purposes. While darker purple represents opulence, light purple shade is the symbol of feminine strength.

Crown chakra(Violet colour)- To lift your spirits and gather lost confidence, bring violet to your personal space. It boosts psychic abilities, imagination, enlightenment and spirituality. This colour is a fine example of roots and wings.

In a nutshell, colours are a core part of our mind and body. No matter what problem you are facing, you can always heal it with colours. Align your chakras with corresponding colours and see how amazingly they transform you.

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