Colour Therapy or Chromotherapy, Is This Complementary Therapy Worth Trying?

Colour therapy is a modern practice of chakra healing to aid various physical and mental ailments using colours.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 07, 2020Updated at: May 08, 2020
Colour Therapy or Chromotherapy, Is This Complementary Therapy Worth Trying?

It is difficult to imagine a monochrome world without colours. They not just add beauty to everything but also signify existence. Your mood would instantly light up upon seeing bright Colours around you. No matter how much a person adore the black and white combination, his brain would always crave for Colours. Happiness quotient is attached to Colours which is why Colour therapy or chromotherapy is becoming very popular these days. Due to erratic schedules and no time for hobbies affects a person’s mind and soul both. The person ends up developing psychological and emotional health issues that worsen with time. Colour therapy has come out as an effective complementary therapy to reduce the mental load and calm the senses. This is being extensively used to treat a number of health issues. Keep reading to know more.

Colour Therapy and Its Evolution

Colour therapy aims to correct physical and psychological imbalances. For example, if you are stressed, colour therapy can help you reduce stress and calm the mind. Colour therapy makes you physically and mentally strong and gives you energy. Colour therapy dates back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed in the power of light and used different Colours of light to promote this therapy.

The colours are chosen according to the ailment. Different colours have different properties and healing powers. The therapist would work as per your health complaint. According to Indian philosophy, our health depends on the seven chakras of the body. Disruption in their functions causes health issues. Each colour associated with one chakra.

The Color Guide

1- Red- Red Colour, excitement, circulation, and mind is associated with the soul of the body. It also makes red blood cells. Red can overcome inertia and its spiritual significance is energy and power.

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2- Orange- It promotes the sexual energy of the person. In addition, this Colour is useful for maintaining glow on the skin. It stimulates courage and promotes mental energy.

3- Yellow- Yellow Colour stimulates your understanding and intelligence.

4- Green- Green Colour promotes heart health, it keeps your heart healthy and away from diseases and helps in controlling blood pressure. Green can maintain body temperature and can also relieve problems like headaches.

5- Blue- It is a cool Colour, which gives relief from skin disColouration. Blue Colour therapy is used to deal with problems such as bile and fever. This Colour calms the body and mind.

6- Indigo- This symbolizes the third-eye chakra which is situated in the center of your eyebrows. It is directly connected with the pineal and pituitary glands. It manages mental clarity, intuition, sleep cycle and self-esteem.

7- Violet- Violet or purple Colour is for the mind to have a sixth sense or intuition. It promotes your knowledge.

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Benefits of Colour therapy

  • Colour therapy creates a feeling of peace in you and it controls the energy flow.
  • It is helpful in curing joint aches and pains.
  • Colour therapy can reduce the production of stress hormones.
  • It improves your focus, alertness, awareness and concentration.
  • Help reduce the risk of a panic attack.

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