5 Common Myths About Healing Crystals You Should Stop Believing Now

Crystal healing is a popular alternative therapy for mind & body. There are some myths about  this therapy that refrains people from using them.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jan 09, 2020 11:37 IST
5 Common Myths About Healing Crystals You Should Stop Believing Now

Have you heard about the crystal healing therapy which is done to mitigate different health issues using the healing power of crystals? From stress reduction to pain management to better sleep, crystals are a powerful tool to bring health benefits. These simple-looking stones are considered to be an incredible and powerful tool for you from better sleep to healing. However, there are also many misconceptions associated with crystal healing, which deprive many people of its amazing benefits. Here are 5 common myths about healing crystals that you should not believe.

Myth #1 You can do crystal therapy all by yourself 

Fact: There is no dearth of information available on the Internet concerning the properties of crystal therapy. But like any medicine, you cannot use crystals without consulting an expert, as they can cause adverse effects for you.

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As crystal healing is an alternative healing technique, so you should be aware of its complete negative and positive effects before incorporating it into your routine. It is never a good idea to blindly trust any information. You can purchase a set of 12 healing crystals from Amazon by clicking here.

Myth #2 Crystal is a magic stone

Fact: This is one of the most common misconceptions among people. Crystals are not magical stones that you assume to bring any immediate change in your health and well-being. These do take time just like any other alternative therapy. You can use a crystal as a tool to increase positivity in your life to overcome all the challenges. It boosts mental peace to ward off stress, anxiety and mitigate physical pain. 

With that, many people have this disbelief that crystals can help them love you or cure your diseases completely. It can only help in reducing your pain and can be clubbed with your medicines. You should also know that crystals aid weight loss.

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Myth #3 Polished crystal is more powerful 

Fact: Many people think that a crystal with beautiful polish is more powerful, whereas the beauty of a crystal has nothing to do with the energy it emits. Whether it is rough, polished, shiny or monotonous, it does not speak of the power of crystals. If you feel something attached to a stone, its shape and size matter and not the shine.

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Myth #4 Cleaning with water damages the crystal 

Fact: Many people believe that if the color of the crystal changes, that means it has lost its powers or the crystal is fake.

Crystals are made up of minerals. Since all minerals behave differently when exposed to other elements like water, it may affect the color of the crystal when cleaned with water. This is a natural process that doesn’t affect the crystal or its spiritual powers.

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Myth #5 Gifted crystal has great powers  

Fact: This is completely wrong. It does not matter whether crystals have been gifted or bought by you. The effect of the crystal will never change due to this particular factor. You do not need to wait for someone to give it as a gift to get the amazing benefits of crystal. Buy it now if you really want to enjoy its health advantages.

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