Sound Bath Therapy: An Ancient Practice To Ward Off Physical and Mental Issues

Sound bath therapy is an ancient healing practice for mind and body. To know what this therapy can do, read this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 28, 2019 17:19 IST
Sound Bath Therapy: An Ancient Practice To Ward Off Physical and Mental Issues

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Whenever you are under stress or depression, you like to stay alone in silence. Exercise, good sleep and healthy eating play an important role in relieving stress. At the same time, you must also listen to music as it helps lower down stress. Stress cannot be dealt with either silently or by crying, instead, it makes you more depressed. One of the stress reduction therapy that includes music and bath is sound bath therapy. Let's know what this therapy is and how it works.

What is sound bath therapy? 

These days, sound therapy is becoming very popular. In this therapy, the person's mind is pacified with a special sound. It is a medium of treatment which has been found helpful in dealing with stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Not only this, but this therapy also negates the side effects of many other health conditions. 

A melodious sound helps calm you or elevate your spirits. When you feel stressed, sound bath therapy can be effective for coping with stress.

sound bath therapy

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How does this therapy work?

Sound bath therapy works as guided imagery or meditation to calm the overall body. Firstly it calms the nerves to calm the mind. Just as bathing on time can be very therapeutic, a sound bath class is a musical medium used to bring overall and restorative benefits to the mind and body. This form of therapy is now becoming incredibly popular as a wellness craze.

Sound bath therapy can prove to be very helpful in fighting stress by rooting out. When you enter a sound bath, no specific rules are followed. In a regular session, the person will comfortably sit with his eyes closed or lie down. This is followed by a focus on the sounds and frequencies emanating in the room. Sometimes, instruments such as forks, watches, crystal bowls and brass utensils are used to present the soothing sounds in the room. Some experts prefer to use their voice as a guided meditation medium.

sound bath therapy with music

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Benefits of sound bath therapy

The vibration created by the additional use of bowls and other equipment used in sound bath therapy helps to bring balance, calmness and a sense of relaxation around you. 

  • It pushes the body into a meditative position and removes all toxins as well. 
  • Sound bath therapy helps relieve stress or panic attack. 
  • This can compromise other triggers affecting your sleep, memory or digestive quality and helps reduce the risk of infection. 
  • This therapy can also slow down your heart and respiratory rate, thereby maintaining a therapeutic balance in your body.
  • It can be a very useful way to detox your body of toxins and relax both physically and mentally. 
  • Not only that, but it is also a good medium to reset your nervous system, boost immunity and deal with pain.

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