4 Health Benefits Of Taking Sesame Oil Bath

People of South India believe that the sesame oil bath prepares the body for the coming weather changes.


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: May 06, 2020Updated at: May 06, 2020
4 Health Benefits Of Taking Sesame Oil Bath

India is a land of culture and customs! Every festival in India has different meanings too. If you talk about South India, then there are many health benefits of the rituals performed. One of the customs of South India is to bathe with oil on Diwali. Although we all know that applying oil over the body before bathing and massaging has many benefits (but this oil bath in South India is different). There is a tradition of bathing with oil before sunrise on the day of Diwali in South India. Primarily sesame oil is used here for this. The unique thing about this oil is that people prepare it in their homes.

Benefits of the sesame oil bath

Balances body temperature for every season

Although this oil bath is a revelation, it also has many health benefits. Massaging sesame oil ends the heat inside the body. Often people face hot flashes and chills in the changing season. This problem usually occurs when the temperature of your body does not balance with the outside environment. In this case, sesame oil can prove to be quite beneficial as it cools down the body heat. With sesame oil massage, your body temperature becomes ready to adjust with the outside temperature. In this way, you are protected from several diseases.

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Dry skin


In the changing season, a light layer of dryness starts to form on the skin. In excess, it can also take the form of rashes. It is believed that massaging with the sesame oil removes dryness on the skin. Also, your skin remains soft and moisturized throughout the year.

Remove hair fall and dandruff


Most people have very hair fall, dandruff problems during the summer and changing weather. In this case, to avoid this, using sesame oil can be the right solution. This reduces the problem of dandruff in your hair. Also, it removes dryness of the scalp and hair remains black. On the other hand, if there is a problem of premature hair greying in the family, then sesame oil should be massaged in the children's hair. This will prevent grey hair white.

Beneficial for mental health

In this rat-race for life (of today), when we are under stress, this kind of oil-massage can make us stress-free. Apart from this, if your eyes are more tired, then you can massage your eyebrows and eyelids (with the help of two fingers) by lukewarm sesame oil. Also if you have a headache, you should massage the scalp with sesame oil. This will help you to release tension.

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Why and how do you bathe with oil?

Bathing with oil keeps your skin soft and healthy until the season changes. Keeping this in mind, such a tradition has been created here. On Diwali, a senior member of the family pours three drops of sesame oil into the heads of all the members of the family alternately before sunrise in the morning, and then all of them massage themselves. This is called an oil bath. The senior member of the family first greets herself, then later gets the oil bath to other members. In this way, people wish for a healthy body for the coming year.

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