7 Benefits Of Meditation: Know-How It Affects Your Mind And Body, By This Spiritual Coach

Spiritual Coach ModMonk Anshul shares seven spiritual benefits of meditating regularly. How it enhances your vision & improves physical health?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Dec 18, 2020
7 Benefits Of Meditation: Know-How It Affects Your Mind And Body, By This Spiritual Coach

Benefits of meditation for the mind: Meditation is a science of mind and body that helps you realise your spirit. It is imperative to understand what mediation is; it is not just concentrating, focusing, controlling your thoughts, creating positive vibrations and the likes, but it is beyond that. We are in meditation when our minds cease to exist. However, the above is very much needed to start the process of ceasing, and it is most crucial, to begin with focusing and concentrating and then slowly realising the control. It is essential to explored various kinds of meditation that people practice like walking meditations, visual, sound, mantra mediation, transcendental meditation, movement meditation, breathwork, cleansing, body scanning, to name a few. You can choose any or multiple to integrate into your daily practices. Meditation is a highly used and abused word at the same time in today’s world. There is much hocus-pocus attached to it to make it sound fancy and complicated to do; however, it is simple and can be practised by all, of course, the stages and intensities and outcome differ depending on each One’s ‘Sadhna’( meditation practices). Regular meditation practice has some phenomenal effects on your brain, body and emotional state, and this has been not only researched but documented by many scientists across the globe. Indeed, it can change the structure of your brain and give you extraordinary benefits to live a fulfilling life.

Here are seven exceptional benefits of meditation by Spiritual Coach ModMonk Anshul (Founder SoulSchool, Business Psychologist) that can help you begin your practice:

Increased focus, memory and productivity

Increased focus, memory and productivity

  • As you meditate daily focusing on your third eye, you activate the area of the medulla oblongata and hippocampus in your brain, enhancing your memory and learning capabilities. It will help you process information faster and analyse it while retaining more amount of data in your memory bank, in turn, increase the quality and productivity of your task at hand. 
  • Practising meditation has been shown to enhance learning, increase the ability to focus and boost memory. Study proves it can also prevent age-related mental decline. According to one research, practising meditation is linked with improvement in maintaining attention and focus.

  • Researchers claim meditation can change the function and structure of the brain through relaxation. Meditation can reduce anxiety, depression, stress, increases learning concentration, focus and improve attention span and memory.
  • Meditation improves general happiness and productivity. With far-reaching benefits, it can efficiently help an employee in obtaining the maximum outcomes at the workplace, both on an organisational and an individual level. According to researchers, meditation can improve memory and increase blood flow in the brain in just eight weeks.

Experience the moment

  • With regular practice, you become mindful of things, situations and people around. This helps you improve the quality of experiences you have in your daily life, making every moment new, conscious and anxiety-free of the future. 
  • Being here and now, i.e. in the present moment, means that we are mindful and aware of what is happening at the current moment. We are not distracted by worries about the future or ruminations on the past but centred in the present.

  • Living in the present moment means not waiting for the future and letting go of the past. We need to pause and think for a second about how many times we have kept ourselves from living in the moment just out of fear of memories or future.
  • Mindfulness or living in the present moment—is a state of open, active and intentional attention on the current moment. When you become mindful, you become an observer of your thoughts. You realize that your thoughts change from moment to moment, and you accept it without judging them.

Clear emotional toxins

  • Meditation helps you clear all your emotional baggage as it slowly clears out patterns, hurts, traumas, and enables you to reach a stage of acceptance. Cleaning emotional toxins not only helps you live a happy life with healthy relationships but also keeps you at bay from depression and panic attacks that disturb the functionality of your daily life. 
  • Emotional detox: During the emotional detox process, associated emotions need to be felt and processed and can also come to the surface. Anger, fear, sadness, grief and irritability are the most common emotions that arise during detox.

Clear emotional toxins

  • Emotional purging: Catharsis is the process of eliminating emotions that brings explicitly fear, pain, anger, shame and pity. However, emotional purging or catharsis is not an instant fix.
  • Emotional detoxification is so challenging that people stop soon after they have begun and put off a regimen. Before they feel better many individuals feel worse. Signs can include irritability, exhaustion, achiness, sweats, rashes, crying jags, insomnia, chills, and more.

Mental and physical growth

Mental and physical growth

It helps you absorb more oxygen to your brain, helping your grey cells take in more oxygen with deep breaths, and this, in turn, helps in the actual physical the health of the brain and its functions that operate our body, regulating heart rate, expanding lung capacity, reducing migraines, getting clarity of thought, dealing with pain and fear, reducing cellular damage of organs to name a few. The relaxation response helps lowers blood pressure, decrease metabolism, improves breathing, brain waves and heart rate. Tension seep from muscles as the body receives a subtle message to relax—various scientific shreds of evidence also show that how meditation works.

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Makes you a happy person and enriches your relationships

Happiness is sometimes everyone desires, not knowing that it already exists within us. When you focus on different energy centre or chakras in the body, especially your heart you increase the vibration of your heart centre- this aids in awakening compassion, love, forgiveness and non-judgmental behaviour. It makes a person live in a high frequency. This not only enriches your relationships with others but also helps you on your journey of self-love and self-acceptance. 

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Connects you to your intuitive self

Our mind has the power to see and understand far more than we give it credit for. When you meditate continually, you enable your mind to connect with the higher frequency and energy that allows you to receive universal signs and connect yourself with your inner being. It gives you a sense of belonging and grounds you to your real being. Helps you become more inward-looking and guides on your on the path of spirituality.

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Alters thinking patterns

When you practice meditation, it changes the frequency in which your brain collects and processes thoughts. The vibrations become in synch with the universal frequency helping you think and segregate information to get the best out of the situation. It slowly helps in hanging your thinking pattern and makes you calmer. For example, it is difficult for you to get upset or an anxiety attack if you are breathing in the universal rhythm.

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Takeaway tip by ModMonk Anshul

ModMonk Anshul

There are so many more reasons why one should start the practice of meditation, you can decide which is the most important to you and start small, or a chose a style that you enjoy, to begin with. It is advised to practice meditation at least 15-20 mins a day to see results, they are not instant, but the changes are undoubtedly outstanding. Having said that you would feel instant, relief in pain, anxiety, lightness, happy high and energetic.

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