How Can Meditation And Yoga Prevent Suicidal Thoughts? Explains This Life Coach

The reasons for suicide could be personal, emotional, professional, financial or health-related.

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Sep 10, 2020Updated at: Sep 10, 2020
How Can Meditation And Yoga Prevent Suicidal Thoughts? Explains This Life Coach

Over the last few months, millions of lives have been affected by the global pandemic. This has led to a lot of conversations surrounding mental health and suicide prevention. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), roughly 8, 00,000 people worldwide die by suicide every year. In India, suicide is common in the age group of 15–29 years. Having a practice like Yoga is invaluable as it helps you develop an attitude of positivity, resilience and strength. Along with holistic health, yoga is the route to achieve inner peace and harmony. Whatever you put into the mind, it returns that to you. When you put good, it returns goodness, and when you put negative thoughts, you will get toxicity back. This is why it is important to fill yourself up with positivity and be surrounded by positive people. Start by doing this, and you will notice a remarkable transformation in your life.


Life Coach Abd Yoga Master Grand Master Akshar explains how meditation can reduce and prevent deaths by suicide: 

The Gift of Health

Yoga asanas can make one strong physically, improve flexibility, increase stamina and also enhance the functioning of all your vital organs. Asanas like Sirsasana (Headstand Pose), and Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) makes you aware of your strengths. When you become strong in the body, it also makes you strong in mind. Health is one of the direct ways to attain happiness.

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Practice Meditation Regularly

Meditation techniques like Aarambh Dhyan or Seed Meditation, Sthithi Dhyan and Swaas Dhyan are incredibly powerful tools relaxes. When you practice them with repetition and consistency, it relaxes the mind increasing clarity and increased focus. These techniques of meditation and mindful awareness bring out the best in you. This increases your productivity in all areas of your life, leaving you contented and transformed.



We need to be more accepting of ourselves. Most suicide victims begin on a path of self-loathing which quickly spirals towards suicidal tendencies.  If you want to be truly happy, start by showing sincerity towards yourself. Self-acceptance is key to living a life of fulfilment regardless of external circumstances.

Hard work and Determination

The mind returns to us what we sow in it. To make wise and informed decisions, we need inner stillness. This strengthens our determination towards achieving our goals and living out our life to the fullest. Therefore, we all need a purpose that can make each day a delight.  This also helps to train and focus the mind.


Control your Negative Emotions

Negative emotions like anger, envy, frustration, shame, guilt keep us trapped in a state of self-destruction. This deters progress sapping us of our innate strength and power. We need to conserve energy to move towards our goals and these negative thoughts that can drain us, leaving us tired, lethargic, and frustrated.

Stress Management

Spirituality can provide you with a sense of comfort and solace from the harshness of the world. When you manage your stress, it leads to an improvement in your physical well-being. This means you are stronger, more active, can enjoy better quality sleep and a healthy appetite.


Traditional Himalayan Practices

Yoga and Spirituality help you find meaning, connectedness and purpose in everything that you do. Teachings such as the Himalaya Pranam, Namho Adish and Siddhohum Kriya can aid you in your search for meaning and connectedness. They are powerful and ancient practices passed down from generations of Spiritual Masters and Siddhas to yoga practitioners, Yogis and Yoginis.

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The human mind makes up the most fundamental aspect of our life. How you decide to use your mind will determine the quality of your life. When we move towards choices that are right for us; we strengthen our connection with ourselves a little bit more. The will to live can come from the willpower to gravitate towards positivity. To face any of life’s challenges boldly, we need to equip ourselves with a healthy lifestyle; positive habits and mental well-being for clarity to make the right decisions.  

With inputs from Life Coach Abd Yoga Master Grand Master Akshar

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