30 Minutes Meditation Per Day: Keeps Your Body Healthy, Fit And Active

Morning Meditation: If you can spare 30 minutes every day, then you can be one of those healthiest persons. A person mentally, emotionally balanced and always peaceful.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Sep 23, 2019
30 Minutes Meditation Per Day: Keeps Your Body Healthy, Fit And Active

If you start your day with meditation, then we assure you that it will be positive and energetic! Moreover, you can mark up the difference in your production capacity (means that you get the result of your work immediately). It helps you to focus on your work and create better concentration. After getting a night of good sleep, if you want to kick-start your morning (day) in a stress-free and energetic way, then you must do meditation in the morning. There are many benefits to doing, as it helps: 

Let's discuss how to start the morning meditation.

How to meditate properly in the morning?

Find a quiet and peaceful place

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You will have to look for a quiet and peaceful place (where you will not be disturbed to do morning meditations). Meditation needs your complete attention thus the place should be slightly different.

Fix a time

Make sure to have a fixed time in the morning to meditate (which should be devoted only to meditation). Promise yourself that you will not use this time for anything else and you will do meditation daily.

Wear comfortable clothes

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If you are ready to meditate, you should wear comfortable clothes. Do not wear extremely tight clothes otherwise, you will not be able to concentrate. This will distract you.

Take a deep breath

When you take a deep breath, the oxygen supply in the body increases and makes you energetic. It is very important to take deep breaths while doing meditation. Close your eyes and breathe 5-7 times and then exhale.

Focus on one thing/concentration

When you are meditating in the morning, you have to concentrate on one thing. It can be any music, mantra or your breath. This will help you to get a good concentration.

How does meditation fit your body and mind?

Meditation helps keep your body healthy and calms your brain. Meditation has strong healing power which helps in balancing your mind, body, and soul to keep you fit and healthy. According to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi "the right way to meditate, is to get relief from anxiety and depression".

  • Positive energy helps keep your brain and body fit. You can increase your positive energy by doing meditation regularly. When the positive energy of our body increases, we remain very energetic.
  • It is believed that your brain is the root of all your illness. With the help of meditation, you can alert your brain and become positive throughout.
  • Our body consists of seven chakras which are the source of energy in our body. Each chakra has its relevance which helps keep you healthy. Meditation helps those chakras to function positively and efficiently. It thus helps in the healing process.
  • If you practice meditation daily, it helps you achieve inner peace and the environment around you also remains calm. It helps to transform violence and negativity into love, compassion, and care.
  • Nowadays people are stressed for even little things. To get rid of these emotional stressful things, meditation is the best therapy. Meditation is a means of dealing with the emotional problems of life. It helps you go through an emotional change.

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