Teen Depression Is A Growing Concern, Requires Parental Intervention

It is essential for kids to reach out to their parents to solve issues surrounding their mental health

Jyotika Mehta Bedi
Written by: Jyotika Mehta BediUpdated at: Jan 24, 2020 10:39 IST
Teen Depression Is A Growing Concern, Requires Parental Intervention

Why do we need mental health awareness NOW? Today’s Modern Parenting and Mental Health in a state of crisis. Teen Mental health is a global problem. We need to make it a Global Priority. Depression is mostly silent! A little investment in ‘Mental Health’ can reduce this number. 75,000 students committed suicides in India between 2007 and 2016. (Student suicides rates in the country have increased by 52 per cent). India has one of the world’s highest suicide rates for youth aged from 15 to 29, according to a 2012 Lancet report.


Scientists who study teen depression by looking at new findings in neuroscience, as well as other psychological research and longitudinal data, have ways to understand and cure this in a better manner. Listed below are some suggestions to tackle teen depression in a much effective manner.

Continual Support, Warmth & Understanding

Prime Parenting Respond is to provide continual warmth, caring, and support. In my coaching experience, Teen parents are of this thought process that they cannot give much to their teenagers. In a 2016 study, teenagers from ethnic groups displayed that those with substantial parental support had fewer depression symptoms than others. Also, Ron Dahl, a neuroscientist, says that one parent should show empathy, talk to their teens with some open-ended questions, rather than closed ones. Also, their approach should be to understand rather than finding what is right or wrong. Also, it is essential for the parents to be gentle on teens who display signs of ambiguity.

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Ask For Help


Most importantly asking for help is a sign of strength and not a sign of weakness. Reaching out to mental health professionals for support and guidance. Our kids’ mental health is more important than grades or any accolades! We give more importance to physical health than emotional/mental health.

Parenting is about Modelling Right Behaviours

For parents, it is important to teach teens emotional and social skills to deal with situations like romance, friendships, disappointment in studies, academic stress, etc. Adolescence is awkward as the whole mindset is in the process of changing from being a child to entering the world of grown-ups. Moreover, it is the emotions, which are on a roll at this age. Hence, For parents, it is essential to understand their kids instead being all judgemental and strict about everything. Several studies have been carried out on how teens manage depression and anxiety in the outside world. As per Christine Carter, parents can help kids to manage stress with the help of emotional coaching. Also, parents should keep cool and calm while talking to their teen kids, which is a great way to keep kids away from depression, anxiety and drugs.


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Help teens to seek purpose in life

Happiness and fulfilment are impossible without having a sense of purpose. Teens work towards getting into the best colleges and school activities with the purpose of doing something needful in their life. More than anything, the teens should have a goal in their life. Here, parents should ask their teens meaning insights about what they actually want to do about their life by asking them open-ended questions. As per Bronk, parents should also teach their kids to practice gratitude.

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