Inner Engineer Explains How Quitting News Can Bring Peace To Your Mind and Body

News these days is not an informative source. It is affecting our mental health in many ways. Stop watching the news in pursuit of peace of mind.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Oct 24, 2020 16:46 IST
Inner Engineer Explains How Quitting News Can Bring Peace To Your Mind and Body

“One lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to talk to my mother who resides in Rajasthan and while speaking to her I realized how intrigued we are in this social media and news frenzy world. Throughout our conversation, all she was bothered about was the increasing number of Covid- 19 cases and some family issues. After an hour of discussion, I questioned myself, why do we spend hours consuming news? These are words of Mr. Shivang Mathur who is an inner engineer and motivational speaker. Maybe be it is to stay well informed, but is that truly happening or are we being played by the mighty media houses? We need to question ourselves and weigh between important news and news just for the sake of TRP. 

Why news aren’t useful these days?


News these days is impacting our lives and culture but sadly in a negative manner. The effect is not what one desires. It is passing us mental strain, anxiousness, despair, and turning people/society against each other. The impact has further turned us into a pessimist and polarized society. So, if the news is now not about sharing useful facts and information then what precisely is the news trying to do? The onus here is on the media. The news we ingest on a day to day basis has a direct effect on our reasoning, conduct, and emotions. Most of what you see and read today is pointless and not about the real issues in life. It is not going to help you make better decisions. If you practically apply it, when was the last time you made a major life decision based on a news story or when was the last time that information from a news story directly impacted your life? Make sure you do not confuse yourself between impact and upset.


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More of fake news and lesser true stories

The news today is failing to paint a true picture or render authentic information that is directly useful for millions of the people of a country, what precisely is their purpose then? Well, that’s a given. The end game of the news is to motivate you to keep consuming their paid and irrelevant news. The media very well understands that if they repeatedly shout out their lungs on baseless and false allegations, will eventually make one believe it is true.

Now more than ever we need to understand what the media is trying to do and how they are playing with our emotions. Firstly, they present emotionally hyped content to make it feel relevant. They polarize everything to make you conceive it as a once-in-a-lifetime event and nothing will ever be the same again. Once the event is blown out of sorts, the shuttle in a group of so-called experts to help you digest the relevance of the event. Expectantly, most of these 'experts' end up stating, “Let us wait and watch.”

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Therefore, we need to stop and comprehend that this consistency and curiosity can shoot up our risk of developing post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression. News consumption is slowly harming our mental health. It is generating a greater sense of pessimism about not just the world, but your own life. It also triggers our stress and symptoms of anxiety.

How can we detach and detox ourselves from this news negativity?

Start with limiting yourself to the news. Secondly, unsubscribe all news sources on your social media and find something better to binge on the television. These refinements will not only make your news experience better but also will improve the experience you have on your social media pages. These small changes can lay a huge impact on your mental health.

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