Don’t Let Menstrual Cramps Affect Your Life, Learn Natural Ways To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Don’t go for menstrual pain-relieving medicines. We have some easy and effective natural remedies to get rid of cramps that you can try.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Dec 21, 2020Updated at: Dec 21, 2020
Don’t Let Menstrual Cramps Affect Your Life, Learn Natural Ways To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Menstruation is that period of a woman’s life where she experiences a lot of ups and downs physically and emotionally. This is due to the terrible menstrual pain and hormonal fluctuations that affect her life. Indeed women are blessed with a lot of patience and tolerance. Menstrual cramps are testing times that come every month. The pain is so awful in some that they end up getting hospitalised. While some women bear the pain, others take painkillers. Instead of popping pills to terminate the pain, it is safer to go for natural alternatives. Pills are unsafe for health and cause severe side-effects in the future including infertility, uterine cancer, etc. Here are some easy and effective home remedies for menstrual cramps.

Natural Ways to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Read some effective menstrual cramps home remedies and try any of these to get rid of the pain naturally without any side-effects.

Drink More Fluids

Women often ignore fluid intake during periods in order to stall frequent loo visits. A lot of women commit this mistake not knowing the benefits of drinking water and other healthy fluids during menstruation. Let us tell you why you must drink water during periods. Fluid intake helps in easing bloating that is a common symptom of menstruation. Not consuming fluids would worsen the situation and you may end up feeling dehydrated. Just like you drink water on regular days, have water at regular intervals during menstruation also. Instead of plain water, have spiced water to better its effects. You can also add a dash of mint leaves or lemon to make it palatable. In addition to this, kindly reduce salt intake as it causes fluid retention. Also, avoid alcohol for the same reason.

hydration for cramps

Use a heating pad

One of the conventional natural remedies for menstrual pain is the use of a heating pad. Cramping is caused due to contraction in muscles of the uterus. When you provide heat to your abdomen, it relaxes the uterine muscles. This is why it is suggested to place a heating pad on your stomach before cramps reach the peak. Believe it or not, using a heating pad provides better results as compared to taking medication for menstrual cramps. This remedy would also boost blood circulation for smooth and pain-free periods.

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However, using a heating pad might not be feasible while on the go or when in the office. For such situations, you can try abdominal heat patches that you can stick on the stomach and work.

heating pad

Chamomile Tea

There is nothing like herbal remedies for pain relief. Chamomile tea is a herbal tea with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in combating bloating and swelling during menstruation. As per research, chamomile has the ability to inhibit prostaglandin which is a substance released from cells in the uterus and trigger muscle contractions which further cause menstrual cramps. Also, prostaglandins cause vomiting, nausea, headache, etc. during menstruation that worsens the condition of the woman. Drinking chamomile tea can do what NSAIDs do. This means, sipping an herbal tea is better than taking painkillers.

Fennel Tea

Another herbal tea is fennel tea that you can sip when you get down. There is research proving the efficacy of fennel in reducing menstrual pain. It is shown that consuming fennel four times a day for 3 days before the date can lessen the cramps. It is so because fennel reduces muscle contractions by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins. Women who find it extremely difficult to conduct their day-to-day activities during periods shall consume fennel seeds or fennel tea before their due date to avert severe cramping.

herbal teas

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Essential Oil Massage

There are essential oils for many issues including menstrual cramps. These are effective in alleviating pain naturally when massaged onto the stomach. Not just one oil but a blend of essential oils is found to work better. The best essential oils to reduce pain during menstruation are sage, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil, marjoram oil, etc. These oils have a warm and soothing tendency that not only soothes the stomach but also calms the nerves to prevent unnecessary stress. You can find these oils easily but make sure that they are organic. Second important thing is to dilute them before use as they are highly concentrated and might irritate the skin if applied in that form. Therefore, dilute them in a carrier oil like mustard oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. These help the essential oil to get easily absorbed into the skin.

Apply some drops on your abdomen and start massaging gently in circular motions. Just five minutes of massage would provide you instant relief. You can do this daily until your menstruation are over.

Cinnamon stick

We did mention cinnamon above. This spice is not only aromatic but also very therapeutic. Consuming cinnamon or massaging cinnamon oil on the stomach would bring you relief. Inhaling cinnamon oil is found to relax the muscles and reduce stress. Consuming cinnamon before and during menstruation is highly recommended as it not only alleviates pain but also takes care of the symptoms that follow including nausea, headache, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. Just add some cinnamon powder to your tea or sprinkle some on your milk. 

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Yoga for menstrual cramps

Yoga can help in reducing menstrual cramps. There are some exercises that stretch the muscles and relax them to lessen cramps. It is found that women who practice yoga daily get regular periods with reduced pain. This is a proven fact and published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. You can experience it yourself by doing yoga before and during menstruation. Though there are certain exercises that are better be avoided during periods as they may interfere with the natural blood flow during menstruation.

Magnesium-rich diet

Diet has a vital role to play in alleviating the symptoms of many conditions. It is found that consuming a high-magnesium diet during menstruation can reduce cramping. Some common foods with high magnesium content are almonds, spinach, black beans, peanut butter, yogurt, etc. If not through food, you can also take a magnesium supplement but only after consulting a doctor.

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magnesium diet

Acupuncture for cramp relief

Acupuncture is an ancient healing practice for pain relief. It can also aid menstrual pain. It word to relax the nervous system and increase the blood flow that helps in reducing inflammation. When compared to conventional pain-relief treatments, acupuncture was found to be better with zero side-effects, unlike the conventional treatments. 

Take a warm bubble warm

In case you don’t know, a warm shower or staying in the tub filled with warm water provides extreme relaxation. It relaxes the otherwise tensed muscles and soothes pain. To uplift mood and divert it from cramps, you can also add a few drops of your favourite fragrant essential oil. Anything warm at this time is no less than a blessing as it soothes muscle contractions.

Menstrual cramps are common but it is mild in some women and some experience extreme pain. It differs from woman to woman. Trying out natural remedies is preferred over taking medicines to control the pain. Home remedies are always safe and effective. Even if they don’t work, they won’t cause any side-effect either. We would always suggest going for home remedies to ease menstrual pain.

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