Emergency Kit: Try These 10 Homoeopathic Remedies For Your At-Home First Aid

First-aid home remedies: What to do first aid emergency? Homoeopathic Doctor Jyoti Sharma shares medications for emergencies.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Feb 19, 2021 18:24 IST
Emergency Kit: Try These 10 Homoeopathic Remedies For Your At-Home First Aid

Homoeopathic remedies for first aid emergencies: A minor cut may not make you rush to your doctor, and yet medical assistance is necessary. Small burns may not seem important enough to make you run to the hospitals' burn departments, yet healing of the burnt skin or tissues is essential. Sudden sneezing or cold may seem like a typical illness of daily life but fighting with it is necessary. Coughing can be after that premature exposure to cold, and efforts to minimize it are essential. A bad stomach can develop after fatty food, and relief is desired in a particular situation. Breathing problems may worsen at times, and controlling the aggravation is necessary. While people have go-to over-the-counter conventional medicines for many ailments, they can prove dangerous at times. This article further intends to provide an alternate way of treatment for minor emergency issues at home. One of the medicinal lines that can help you heal minor emergencies is homoeopathy. Keeping some homoeopathic medicines at home for small emergencies can save time and damage of getting them from the market when needed. The way you have band-aids and ointments stored, there are homoeopathic remedies that can form the first aid kit at home. Some of them are listed below:

Aconite in emergency medicine 

emergency medicine

In the acute stage of a problem such as cold, aconite can be a useful remedy. Acute, sudden and violent invasion of fever can also call for aconite to be prescribed. There is a sudden and significant sinking of strength. In situations of inflammation and inflammatory fever, aconite can become one of the first remedies for treatment. The complaints can be caused by exposure to dry, cold weather, a draught of cold air, checked perspiration, and exposure to scorching weather. In case eyes get red and inflamed and feel dry and hot as if sand is lying in them, aconite can help relieve the plight. Complaints developing from sudden shock, bad news can call for aconite.

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Allium cepa for first aid kit 

Allium cepa is principally used for colds. This medicine is highly useful in relieving coryza developed with acrid nasal discharge, laryngeal symptoms, bland eye secretions. Discharge burns the nose tip and upper lip along with corroding them. The patient is worse in warm toom and towards evening. Catarrhal headache, which occurs mostly in the forehead, can also be relieved with allium cepa. Sneezing can be marked, especially when a person enters a warm room. Violent sneezing can be there when a person gets up from the bed. There can be a feeling of a lump in the nose and throat. There is a pain in the larynx while coughing.

first aid kit

Apis for at home first aid kit 

Insect bites, mosquito bites can be expected in many places. The bites of honey-bees can also create complaints that need treatment to be resolved. They can cause swelling, stinging, and burning pain. Apis comes to use in such situations. In sudden puffing up of the whole body, APIs can be used as the remedy to resolve that puffing and swelling. The pain in the patient needing APIs is generally burning, stinging, and sore and suddenly migrates from one part to another. Any ailment developing from emotions like jealousy, fright, rage, vexation, and bad news can call Apis a remedy. Oedema and swelling developing under the eyes can also be treated with APIs.

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Arnica in emergency medicine 

Trauma and injury call for arnica. A mild cut, bruising, piercing of skin by a thorn, or the knife's injury while cutting vegetables and fruits can call for arnica for healing. Overuse of any organ such as writing or sewing throughout the day with over-usage eyes and fingers can lead to painful organs. Such stressed and sore organs can be relieved with arnica. Complaints that have developed now but have a history or causation of trauma or injury in the background might have occurred years ago call for this medicine. The patient may say that he is well to avoid attention, but the damage or the complaint is troubling him.

Arsenic album for first aid box 

It comes to use in cases of food poisoning. The patient is not able to bear the sight or smell of food. There is great thirst, and the patient will drink a lot of water. The drinking pattern can be seen as though the patient drinks a lot of water, but the amount of water taken at a time is little. There is nausea, vomiting, retching after eating or drinking. There is anxiety in the pit of the stomach. Burning pain in the abdomen can be felt. Dyspepsia may arise from vinegar, acids, ice-cream, ice-water, tobacco, and the slightest food or drink can cause gastralgia. There are ill effects of vegetable diet, melons, and watery fruits generally.

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Belladonna for at home first aid kit 

  • The conditions with the prominence of red, hot, and swollen can be treated with belladonna. Along with heat, redness, there is burning and throbbing. Sunburns, sunstroke, fever can need belladonna. It is also a great children’s remedy. There is a rush of blood to the head and face, and there is a headache, which can be congestive, with a red face, throbbing of brain and carotids.
  • In the cold, when a person has an outstanding liability to take cold, the person becomes sensitive to the air drafts; significantly, when they uncover the head, belladonna can help. Belladonna can relieve cold caused after having a hair- cut and tonsils inflamed after riding in a cold wind.

Carbo veg in emergency medicine 

Carbo veg

Eructation, heaviness, and fullness in the stomach can be relieved with carbo veg. When one’s abdomen is tensed with flatulence, ad with pain, and this condition is worse on lying down, carbo veg can help. There is burning in the stomach, which extends to the back and along the spine.

Calendula first aid cream 

It is the most remarkable healing agent that can be applied locally on burns and cuts at home. Its mother tincture can be mixed with water and used, or calendula as an ointment can be kept in the first-aid kit. Calendula is suitable for open wounds and promotes healthy granulations and rapid healing by first intention.

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Hamamelis for at home first aid kit 

Hamamelis can help reduce bleeding in cases piles get worsened or there is excellent bleeding after an injury. The blood loss can be prevented and can provide more time for the patient to reach the hospital. Profuse bleeding from the nose can also be stopped with the remedy, especially when the blood is non-coagulable.

Nuxvom in the emergency kit 

Nux vomica can be used as a remedy for hangovers. There is nausea after eating, and there is constipation with frequent unsuccessful desire. The patient passes small quantities of faces, and there is a sensation as if the stool is unfinished.

Note: Do not forget to call your doctor in case of an emergency and then take the suggested and prescribed remedy. The above information has been provided so that you can store these remedies at home and take them as advised by your doctor in small situations needing an immediate prescription. Consultation with a doctor helps in deciding accurate potency, dosage, and timing of the medicine. Generally, the power of 30c in drugs is considered to be safe for storage in a first-aid kit at home.

[With inputs from Dr Jyoti Sharma (Homeopathic Doctor), Founder of Kaila Homeopathy]

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