Burnt Your Hand? Avoid These Common First Aid Mistakes To Prevent Serious Complications

Whenever you get a burn, make sure to not make these common first aid mistakes that may irritate the burnt skin.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jun 12, 2020 17:24 IST
Burnt Your Hand? Avoid These Common First Aid Mistakes To Prevent Serious Complications

Getting minor burns is a normal thing when working in the kitchen but sometimes, major accidents can happen. Imagine you are preparing fries and the oil splashed on your hand while putting potatoes for frying. Has this or anything similar happened to you? Most people can relate to this hypothetical situation especially those who rarely step inside the kitchen let alone cook. But the important thing is how you address that burn? The easiest remedy is to put your hand in icy cold water to prevent skin inflammation. But do you know that keeping your hand in the water for long can aggravate the burn? There are many other common first aid mistakes for burns that we must know and avoid.

Mistake #1 Keeping Hands In Water For Too Long

We immediately rush to the water tap to place the burnt hand and get relief. This soothes the burning sensation and also prevents blisters from popping up. Some people also place ice cubes on the burnt skin for the same. However, you must not pour water on your hand for a long time as it can damage the tissues. This might bring you immediate relief but it can affect the healing process and you might end up getting scars.

Mistake #2 Busting The Blisters

In some cases, blisters do appear despite several attempts of prevention. In such a case, do not bust it or irritate it. These blisters carry pus which may spread on the hand if it ruptures. Instead of relieving the problem, this would only increase the pain and complications. Besides, the risk of skin infection is also increased if the blisters are busted. It is better to leave them to heal on their own. These would subside in a day or two if you don’t irritate them. For major blisters, consult your doctor for the right treatment and avoid home remedies on them.

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Mistake #3 Applying antibiotics or ointments

Don’t try anything that you have no idea of. If you have got minor burns, let them heal without any treatment or home remedy. Many people reach out to burn ointments and antibiotics to ease the burn and reduce swelling. In reality, these kill the healthy bacteria present on the skin which have the ability to heal the skin without any chemicals. Only if your burn is major, apply ointment. But we would suggest avoiding that.

Mistake #4 Not Protecting the skin from sunlight and heat

If your hand is burnt, you must protect it against heat and sunlight. Because exposure to heat can cause pain and irritation on burns. Many people walk out in the sun without covering their burns. This is wrong.

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Mistake #5 Applying Butter or ink

You will often see older people trying these tips. When hands burn, sprinkle ink or put butter in it. But never do both of these, the ink can be chemical, which can damage the skin. In addition, applying butter, mayonnaise or toothpaste on the burn can make the skin worse. Therefore, take medicine only on the advice of the doctor. 

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