First Aid In The Kitchen: These 5 Kitchen Ingredients Can Come To Your Rescue

Here are 5 kitchen ingredients that you can use as first aid for numerous minor issues such as cuts, injuries, insect bites, etc.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Mar 04, 2020Updated at: Mar 20, 2020
First Aid In The Kitchen: These 5 Kitchen Ingredients Can Come To Your Rescue

What happens when you get a cut? Probably, rush to get the first-aid kit for a band-aid. What if you don’t have one? Instead of panicking, you shall apply turmeric powder on it to stop bleeding and prevent infection. For some minor cuts and injuries, certain kitchen ingredients can prove to be helpful. Apart from enhancing the taste of the food, these items can become your saviour during minor injuries and accidents. These, however, only provide a temporary solution and you may require proper medical assistance in case of any serious damage.

Back in the times when hospitals were far, people used to use these ingredients to get relief from common problems. Our mothers also make use of these kitchen ingredients for numerous issues.


One of the useful and most-effective kitchen ingredient is turmeric. This not only gives a bright yellow colour to the food but it can also be used otherwise. This popular Indian spice has great, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The healing agents present in turmeric allow faster-healing. This can be used as first aid on small cuts and wounds. Upon applying, this will prevent the growth of any infection of the skin. 

How to use: On small cuts, directly apply a pinch of turmeric. You may also make a paste of turmeric with either mixing it with water or mustard oil and then apply.

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Baking soda

Imagine you are having acidity but you don’t have enough at home, what would you do? Many people don’t know that baking soda can also relieve acidity and flatulence. Most people know the topical use of baking soda for treating skin conditions but this use is lesser-known. As baking soda is basic, it neutralizes the acid levels to provide instant relief.


Just mix baking soda in water and drink it.


Honey is a natural humectant and also a powerful first-aid kitchen ingredient. Just like turmeric, you can use honey for treating scrapes, cuts and wounds. However, you might not want to apply this due to its sticky texture but it is highly effective in easing the symptoms. You can directly apply this to the cut or wound.

Apple cider vinegar

You must have heard about the weight loss benefits of apple cider vinegar but are you aware of its first-aid benefit? Well, vinegar can also prove to help relieve itchy skin after mosquito bites. Besides, you can also apply vinegar to soothe sunburnt skin and bee sting. Next time, whenever you come home with burnt skin, apply vinegar mixed with water on it to get immediate relief.

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Apart from enhancing the flavour of the food, garlic can also be used as a quick remedy for insect bites. It has got antibiotic properties that can soothe the bumps and itchy skin after the bite.

Apply garlic juice on the affected area.

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