Burned Fingers While Cooking? Here Are Top 4 Home Remedies

Burned While Cooking: Burning while boiling something? It happens with maximum people and causes pain and skin infection too.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Mar 20, 2020Updated at: Mar 20, 2020
Burned Fingers While Cooking? Here Are Top 4 Home Remedies

Burning while cooking or boiling? Don't worry as this is something very common and it happens with most people. It also causes a lot of pain and you may have a skin infection. Whenever you burn or you feel intense pain, it is a sign that your skin needs healing. If this happens (during an accident kitchen), you need to do some things to keep your skin safe because if left untreated in time, you may also get blisters or severe burning on the burn area. We are going to tell you the easy way, through which you can keep yourself well on burning and avoid pain and irritation.

Apply cold water to the burn area

In any case (or kind of burning), you should first put the affected area in cold water. This will help prevent irritation. Our first task should be to keep the burned part cool and do not use anything that affects that part more. The way to cure the damage caused by burns is to keep the place cool. Instead of keeping the affected area in cold water, you can also put ice packs on it.

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Do not tie any cloth

If your hands or feet are burnt, then you should immediately remove the clothes you are wearing (and do not leave any clothes in that place). By doing this, the intensity of burns can be reduced.

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Recognize the severity of burns


  • Identify the severity of burns after removing the cloth.
  • See if you need a doctor (for the place where you are burnt) or you can fix it at home.
  • If the affected part has become red due to burning and itching, but there is no blister then there is no need not panic. You can just bring some cream from the pharmacy.
  • However, if the skin has started to burn or if the skin cells are visible, then you should immediately go to the doctor.

What to do after this?

If the affected part has become red due to burning and itching there but there is no blister then you can take OTC (Over-the-counter) medicine and put ice pack there to get rid of the pain. You will need a doctor's advice if you have severe burns. The severity of burns can be greater when hot water or hot oil has fallen on your hands and fingers. You can also use natural aloe vera gel as it is very beneficial in the treatment of burns. It is very important to clean the wound before the burns get severe. 

Tip: You should go to the doctor without delay if you see severe burns on your skin (fingers or hands). It will be better for you.

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