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Is Dal Giving You Proteins? Know From Expert Its Alternatives

Learn about the amount of protein present in dal along with 5 protein rich food items that you can include in your diet with Dr. Siddhant Bhargava  

Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Dec 01,2021
Updated at: Dec 01,2021

Where most of us tend to look at our calorie, carb and fat intake, have you ever paid attention to the amount of protein you are consuming? Ever since we were kids, we have been ingrained to eat dal in all meals for its nutritional value. Protein is one of the most important nutrients that our body requires to replenish and repair itself. Where each and every cell of the human body consists of protein, one needs an adequate amount of protein in their daily diets to repair and produce new cells in the body. A bowl of dal is said to be a rich source of protein and many people claim that it can provide a person with adequate amounts of protein. Where these claims have fallen flat in several cases, it has been found that consuming a bowl or two of dal may not help you in meeting your daily protein requirements, says Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, MBBS, Food, Lifestyle And Wellness expert. 

Does dal have enough protein?

Known as the building blocks of the human body, proteins are an essential nutrient that helps in repairing and regenerating the cells. Due to this it becomes really important for one to consume protein on a regular basis to keep your cells in a good shape and to maintain a daily health plan. Where it is not just building muscles but various other things as well which we require protein for such as to digest, build, repair, regulate, regenerate and oxygenate. Protein helps a person to stay in shape by reducing the muscle loss, helping in maintaining healthy weight, curbing hunger, building lean muscles and in speeding up recovery. Where protein is important for keeping your body healthy, it is important to know that consuming a bowl or two of pulses is not going to provide you with enough amounts of protein. Here’s what Dr.Siddhant Bhargava has to say about this- “Dal is not sufficient protein, Remember one thing that 100 grams of raw dal consists of 20 grams of protein. A bowl full of pulses has about 20/4 that means about 5 grams of protein depending upon the size of your bowl. This means that you are only going to get about 4 to 5 grams of protein after consuming a bowl full of dal. The daily protein  requirement of a person is about 1 gram per kilogram of the body weight. Even if you are consuming 2 bowls of pulses in a day instead of one, that is not going to provide you with enough protein. In addition to that, dal on its own is an incomplete source of protein. This means that you need to include various different kinds of protein rich foods in your diet along with dals such as curd, tofu, paneer and soya.” Let us take a quick look at 5 protein rich food items that you can include in your daily diet to meet your daily protein requirements.

Protein rich food items

Apart from adding dal in daily diet for proteins, there are some other protein rich foods that you can combine with your dals to fill the deficit. Let us take a deep dive and learn about the amount of protein present in dal along with 5 protein rich food items that you can include in your diet with.

#1. Curd

A dairy product that is rich in calcium, vitamin B12 and protein. Consumption of curd is said to be very beneficial for bone health and for getting healthy teeth. Consumption of curd is said to be beneficial for increasing a person’s immunity as it consists of a natural probiotic which helps in keeping the gut healthy. 100 grams of protein is said to have about 11 to 12 grams of protein. It helps in inducing satiety along with regulating the ghrelin hormone that is responsible for inducing hunger.

Image Credits- Archana's Kitchen

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Where this dairy product is popular for being a rich source of protein, one needs to understand the difference between curd and hung curd along with the difference in their protein content. In order to obtain more protein from curd, one must opt for hung curd as this variety of curd consists of more protein as compared to its other variation. 

#2. Paneer

Shahi paneer, Paneer butter masala, paneer sandwich, paneer tikka or chilli paneer, no matter what way you like to have your paneer but one this is certain that it is going to provide you with ample amount of protein. Not just protein but this dairy product is rich in various other important nutrients as well such as calcium, iron, vitamin D, and magnesium.

Adding paneer in your regular diet can help you in getting stronger and healthier bones, boosting your digestive system, preventing cancer, building a strong immune system and aiding weight loss. When it comes to monitoring the protein intake, one must note that 100 grams of paneer can provide you with about 23 grams of protein. Consuming paneer that has been prepared at home is the best way to increase your protein intake and stay healthy as it is in the purest form and hasn’t been in contact with any kinds of chemicals or artificial substances. 

#3. Soy

Made out of soybean, this plant based protein can be consumed in the form of milk, soy paneer, sprouts and soy nuts. Consuming soy can be very beneficial for one's health as this food item comes along with myriad health benefits. From reducing the risk of cancer to improving bone health and from allevating the symptoms of menopause to keeping your heart healthy, soy can do it all. When it comes down to protein consumption, soy is known to have about 29 grams of protein in a cup of soybeans. Drink soya milk or consume soya sprouts in breakfast to complete your daily protein requirement.

Image Credits- Alpha Foodie

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#4. Tofu

Where tofu has been a trending food item for a long time now and hence most of us have heard of it by now. Tofu is one of the best sources of protein especially for vegetarians as they restrain themselves from consuming other protein rich food items such as chicken and eggs. Consumption of tofu on a regular basis can help you in protecting you against various kinds of cancers, osteoporosis and even cardiovascular diseases. This nutritious food item helps in lower the bad cholesterol levels and in providing relief from various symptoms of menopause.

One block of hard tofu or about 122 grams of tofu is said to have about 15.57 grams of protein in it. This makes tofu to be a very healthy option for vegetarians and vegans to complete their daily protein requirement.

#5. Eggs

A superfood that is an absolute breakfast favourite, eggs can be consumed in the form of boiled egg, scrambled egg, omelets or egg curry. Consumption of eggs is known to increase the good LDL levels, helping in weight management.

Image Credits- Delish

Providing vitamin D and omega-3, is beneficial for eye health and supports mental health. Eggs are known to be rich in various nutrients such as protein, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, choline and vitamin B12. When it comes down to protein consumption, eggs are said to have the highest quality protein. They are widely considered to be the perfect source of protein as just one egg consists of about 6.3 grams of protein in it. This helps in effective muscle growth, and faster recovery.

This article is based upon a post by  Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, MBBS, Food, Lifestyle And Wellness expert on his instagram handle.


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