Is Exercising Good For Kidney Patients? Let’s Find Out

Kidney patients must exercise as this can keep them physically and mentally health. Read about exercises for kidney patients here.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2022-04-05 14:17

It won’t be wrong to say that physical fitness has taken a backseat post the coronavirus pandemic. We have lived two years of our lives in lockdown, restrictions and fear of virus transmission. Not being able to step out without masks and following social distancing norms only made things difficult. Those who managed to stay fit while being indoors are enjoying their healthy mind and body. But diseased patients are the most affected category. Not only they were susceptible to all covid-19 strains but restricted physical activeness made them more indisposed. Exercising not just boosts physical strength but it also improved mental and psychological health. Kidney patients have this misbelief that they cannot exercise because of the condition. In reality, exercise for kidney patients is very important.

As per global data, over 700 million people are currently suffering from kidney diseases where a major part has chronic kidney disease(CKD). Sadly, the numbers are constantly increasing. As per Apeksha Ekbote, Msc, RD, Chief Dietician at NephroPlus, poor lifestyle is putting kidney patients at risk of various health problems including poor immunity, high blood pressure, depression and other chronic ailments. This is why, exercise is paramount for kidney patients so that they don’t suffer anymore health complications.

Is Exercise Good For Kidney Patients?

“As a specialized dietician for kidney care and management across the country, I suggest that physical activities should be integrated into the clinical care of patients with kidney disease,” says Apeksha Ekbote.

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Obviously one needs to find out safe exercises for kidney condition. Yes, since every condition is different, you need to do activities that are safe for you and don’t trigger any problem. Consulting a nephrologist is important to eliminate possible risks. Besides, doing suggested exercises can promote overall health if you do it as per doctor’s instructions. Be slow and gradually increase your speed and intensity to not put pressure on your kidneys.

Exercise For Kidney Patients

Whether you are a patient of chronic kidney disease or kidney failure(dialysis) or kidney transplant, exercising is safe for you. It is completely normal for you to do exercises that are suitable according to your health condition. Any kind of physical activity for 15-20 minutes is good for your health and it might even promote your well-being.

Let us tell you what exercises kidney patients can do.

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One of the easy and safe exercise is walking. A lot of people do not consider walking as an exercise but it is indeed the most effortless form with exceptional benefits. Walking is the best Exercise for kidney transplant patients as this can be done at their comfort. Just 10-15 minutes of slow walking can prove to be beneficial. Gradually increase time duration and you’ll feel healthy and good.


Swimming is one of the great exercises for everyone regardless of age group or health condition. Swimming is a safe exercise for kidney patients and even pregnant women can do swimming as it boost their strength, endurance, mood and prepares their body for labour. Swimming has lesser risk of joint movement and it releases stress and tension.

Meditation and Yoga

In order to keep your mind calm and stress-free, you must do breathing exercises, meditation and light yoga asanas. These improve flexibility of the body and lessens mental stress that patients deal with. If you are a dialysis patient, you can do pull-ups and sit-ups but start under expert supervision first. Also, share your progress report with your doctor regularly to keep a track.

Lastly, you can even dance if you love dancing. Just be gentle and do soft moves that do not cause muscle strain. Also, don’t overexhaust yourself. Following healthy diet multiplies the benefits increasing longevity.

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