Why Do Moms Carry Babies On The Left Side? Learn The Science Behind It

Parenting tips and newborn care: Why do moms carry babies on the left side or hip?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Apr 29, 2020 15:22 IST
Why Do Moms Carry Babies On The Left Side? Learn The Science Behind It

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Why do we carry the baby on the left side? We are not saying this, but scientific research has shown. According to a report published in the 'Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Journal', most infants have their parents put to sleep on their left shoulder. They do not do this so that their right-hand remains free, but because their brain prompts them to do so. Yes, if science is to be believed, the left ionosphere of our mind directs our emotional recessions.

What does the research say?


In fact, since 1960, some researchers in Germany have been researching this exciting subject, why most people of the world, despite being right, do some work from left hand only. It is just like that most people are naturally right-handed, but they keep them on the left shoulder with the child in the coed. In this study, the researchers studied 40 such cases. During this time he came to know that 72% of the people keep children on their left shoulder whereas they are naturally right-handed. Researchers then looked at the work of these people by connecting them to different parts of their brain. They came to know that the left floe of the mind conducts all the emotional work done by these people. Since the right hemisphere of the brain primarily directs emotions, people place their child in the remaining parts of their body. This is especially the case with mothers who form a secure emotional connection with their baby during pregnancy.

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Why does this happen in men?

Another study was done on this topic in 1996, in which research was done on men. Research has shown that most men use the left side of the body when they become slightly uncomfortable or afraid. In such a situation, they are not able to hug the child very comfortable because they have high sensitivity towards the baby. As if there is no harm to him, if the child is asleep on his lap, the child does not wake up, etc. Apart from this, it is also human psychology that the thing we love is more close to our heart. And our heart is in the left part of the body, so parents keep their child on the left side, i.e. left shoulder.

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Apart from this, there are more reasons to keep the child in the left hand like-

  • The emotional brain of the mother directs the mother's initials and feelings in the child's left snows here, which is the reason for the development of the first language in the child.
  • According to other studies, every child knows the heartbeat and feeling of the mother, so it too stays close to the pulse, i.e. on the left shoulder.
  • By placing the child on the left side, the child becomes calm and sleeps on the shoulder.

  • The response of the right side of the mother's brain is understood to the mind on the left hand of the child, which is usually the language of delicate touch.
  • In all of us, the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for interpreting and understanding language and emotional signals, so this brain works more within the child.

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