First Aid Basics: Teach Your Kids These 5 Essential First Aid Tips

It is essential to give necessary information of first aid to children for them to perform better during medical emergencies

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Mar 20, 2020 14:10 IST
First Aid Basics: Teach Your Kids These 5 Essential First Aid Tips

The first thing we can do to save an injured or sick person before he/she is taken to the hospital is to save their life. To save the life of a person in that emergency, it is essential to give that person the right first aid required for the condition. What is more important to do during an emergency is to know what not to do. Because wrong treatment can increase the risk of that person's life. First aid can be given in the following emergency stages - asphyxia (due to drowning in water, hanging or getting stuck in the ventricle), heart attack, bleeding, poisoning, burn, heat stroke (loss of body water due to excessive heat), fainting, sprains, fractures and animal bites. What makes it essential for the parents is to teach their kids the importance of first aid too. Even if they are kids, one cannot say they could be stuck in any situation not requiring the skilled knowledge to give first aid to anyone. Especially in kids, falling here and there while playing is extremely common. Hence, every child should know the essential tips to follow during such times.

The 5 essential tips for teaching kids for first aid are:

If Someone Is Out Of Breath


If someone is lying in an unconscious state in front of the child and does not respond even after repeated calls or shaking hands, then immediately tell the kids to make the unconscious person lying on the ground. Tell the check if his breath is still going on. Turn the person's head and apply pressure on the chest and rub it fast. If the child is unable to find the breath of the person, explain the child to call on the emergency number.

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Breathing But No Response


Explain your child to identify someone's breath. If the person is breathing, make that person sit comfortably and tell kids to keep their head inclined and the remaining body upwards. This makes the other person breath easily due to the better flow of blood throughout the body.

Excessive Bleeding


Make the kids learn the basic of dressing up a wound. When there is excessive bleeding, one should press a cloth tightly on the place from where the blood is flowing. Also, explain to kids how to be cool during such times as the injured person may already be hyper than usual. Pressing anything cold against the wound like ice packs or cold water of bottle can help stop the bleeding.

If You Have A Head Injury


Injury to the head can also be fatal. In case of head injury, apply cold things on the injury. Tell kids to tie cold green leafy vegetables in towels and put them in place of injury. This is an excellent remedy to reduce swelling. Also, the essential thing here is to make kids understand the need to be calm during such times.

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To Ease Suffocation

Sometimes a lot of people complain of suffocation due to tightness in the chest or neck. In such a situation, breathing or coughing is difficult. In this condition, explain kids to rub the patient's back and pat it slightly. This will make them a little easier to breathe.

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