Bullying In Kids: The Role Of Parents In Tackling The Aftermaths Of Bullying In Children

A kid being bullied in school can have a deep effect on his or her mind. Hence, parental caution is essential during such times

Jyotika Mehta Bedi
Written by: Jyotika Mehta BediUpdated at: Mar 06, 2020 13:48 IST
Bullying In Kids: The Role Of Parents In Tackling The Aftermaths Of Bullying In Children

Every year, a significant number of kids are subjected to bullying. Some are affected to that extent, which instigates them to take drastic measures like claiming their own lives. A case, which shook the whole world was the case of a medical student named Aman Kachroo who was beaten to death by four students. This did raise several eyes, but the country continues to grapple with issues like this starting in schools. Also, the Dehradun case where a 12 YO student was buried after getting beaten by other school students. Bullying is primarily an instigation to cause harm or instigate an act in those who are less powerful. This is something in the mind of the person where one starts to feel more powerful than others, which often is a major reason for such cases.


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Types Of Bullying

Bullying can be done in several ways. It can be physical, verbal and even mental in several cases. It all depends on the intensity of bullying a child has to face when in school or anywhere outside their homes. In several cases, bullying happens to become a reason for mental trauma and torture, leading to suicides in sever cases. But it is lesser-known to all that those who display violent behaviour are themselves with low self-esteem or themselves being victims of such acts in the past. Now, bullying is common in school and colleges, and there is a need for a concentrated effort to get rid of this system.


I feel parents here play a major role in helping a child get out of such situations. This is how parents can help a child be more open about such acts happening to them:

  • Look for possible changes in the behaviour of the child; right from their eating habits to their reaction towards school or stepping out of the house.
  • Bullying is not always physical but could be psychological, sexual or cyber-bullying as well.
  • When kids talk to you about such stuff, hear them out with utmost care and believe in what they say.
  • Be vigilant to warning signs like these, especially those kids who are obese, disabled or with any other striking feature visible, which could be a reason for such episodes.
  • Be open to your kids and let them feel comfortable in sharing their activities. In schools, the staff and administration should ensure that no such practices should be left unresolved.
  • Keep a check on how much the kid spends time on the Internet as cyberbullying is the most common forms of bullying here.
  • Use firewalls and other website blockers to ensure children are safe on the internet


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Teach Kids The Right Things

It is what a kid learns is what he/she replicates with others. Hence, raise your child as a good child and not as a bully. Make sure that the child is sensitive towards other kids and is mischievous but only in a good manner. Take interest and the time to find out who your children are apart from who you want them to be. Be sure your children know that hitting, name-calling, and blaming are never the answers. Also, stay close to your child in every situation as lonely kids are more likely to tread the wrong path.

This is how adiction of Internet in kids can be mapped: 

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