Father's Day Special: Co-Parenting Advice For Dads On What To Do When Your Child Is Ignoring You?

Co-parenting tips for dad: What to do when your grown child starts ignoring you? Understand the basics on this Father's Day

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jun 04, 2020
Father's Day Special: Co-Parenting Advice For Dads On What To Do When Your Child Is Ignoring You?

Happy Fathers Day 2020: Just like we say and have seen, fatherhood may be a tad bit more than we perceive. It is a common misconception that fathers are lesser engaged in parenting than the mothers. Also, co-parenting for dads may not be as simple as it could be for the mothers. Children may or may not be avatars of God, but they are naughty, stubborn, mischievous. In such a situation, it is not a child's game to persuade them. Especially when they are, watching tv in another room and playing games with friends. Anyway, to persuade children, it is not the right way to scold them, as children are ignorant and stay away from worldliness. So you may have to change some things in you. Also, for fathers, it is easy to underestimate them but how about helping the fathers to not give up on their kids and tell the mothers to take over? On this Father's Day, we help you understand how you without the mother can make the child do various activities.

How to make them eat?


The tantrums kids can throw when it comes to having a meal can be sometime. First of all, decide a time to eat, and all the family members should eat at the same time. Even if your kid is refusing to eat, then convince them to take a bite, drink milk etc. Apart from this, you can feed them in different love-filled ways. Example- Let's take a bite for mother/grandmother/brother/sister, let's see who eats it first, eat it today in this plate or bowl. e.t.c. If your child is playing a game or has a task, take care of the children's choice as well.

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How to make them turn off the tv?

Never let children become addicted to TV. If they are watching television or using mobile late at night, then go and talk to them - 'it is too late, your father is sleeping, let's sleep', 'mummy fell asleep, let's go'.

How to call from the playground?


If they are playing outside, then do not scold them. Instead, go to the playground and watch them play for a while. After this, praise them and say that 'let's go home Babu, Mummy is calling', 'I have brought something to eat', 'I have to go the market', i.e. tell me the real reason.

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How to ask them to work?

Teach children to do small tasks gradually. For this, they do not listen easily to you, so tell them how well didi and bhaiya are keeping their shoes and slippers in the footwear stand and you? Didi cleaned the bed; hence you should clean the table-chair. Let's do a little work with your sister.

Never Give Orders

There is a lot of difference between persuading and ordering. Therefore, remove your stubbornness from your heart. You can always ask for something smartly in a cute way. Like - what to do if you want to ask for water? Do not tell them directly rather say like this, son, do you have water in your bottle? Just see where your mother has placed the water bottle. See your father is thirsty, and no one is giving water. 

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Understand their mood


Those who follow the feelings of children get into their heart quickly. So you can guess what they want by looking at their attitude. If they are upset, angry, then go to them and sit slowly. After this, they will come close to you or turn back. In both such situations, you should embrace and love the child. According to the mood of the children, entertain them and tell them inspiring ideas, like, a Brave Boy, tell the story of the Good Boy. Also, give them Moral Education and explain them with love without forcing anything.

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