How to Calm a Hyperactive Baby: Baby Parenting Skills?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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A hyperactive baby can be tiring and trying for the parents, but you need to understand most babies become hyperactive for a reason, i.e. they get very tired, over-stimulated or just to get your attention; some can become hyperactive after eating certain foods. Read to know certain ways that can help you to sooth and relax your baby.

  • Ensure that your baby gets enough sleep and rest; an overtired baby can become hyperactive.
  • Give him a warm bath, this can help to relax and soothe him.
  • If your child likes music, play a soft, soothing tune or sing him a lullaby.
  • Take him for a walk in the stroller; this has a soporific effect on many babies.


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