6 Alarming Signs Your Child Might Have Weak Hands

Electronic gadgets affect the development of children's hands and make them weaker. Know these alarming signs which indicate that your child has weak hands.

Arti Chaudhary
Written by: Arti ChaudharyUpdated at: May 24, 2019 15:37 IST
6 Alarming Signs Your Child Might Have Weak Hands

Nobody can deny with this fact that children today are more attracted electronic gadgets than books and pencils. Do you know using smartphones and tabs might prevent your little ones from developing the necessary hand strength to hold things required for the future? If your kid finds it difficult to utilise fingers and hold things then he or she might be suffering from weak hands. It might influence their capacity to compose and perform tasks like cutting with scissors or zipping up coats, basic tasks that other children of the same age can easily do.

Here are 6 signs your children have weak hands 

Pencil grab

A kid with weak hands will switch between grip patterns much of the time when writing, drawing, or coloring, and will in general use both hands while doing the action because they get exhausted easily. If the child has weak hands then the preschooler will also hold the pencils with their fist, called the ‘fisted’ grip, rather than a "tripod" grip, which makes use of the thumb, center, and pointers to hold the writing tool. 

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Difficulty in controlling pencil is another alarming sign, therefore the handwriting of children become grimy and unreadable. Marks on the paper are not dark enough to read because they apply very light pressure while writing.


While having meal

Children with weak hands might experience issues while eating their food because, they may be unable to open the tops of containers or tear open meal packages. They may think that it’s difficult to unloose water bottles, or often drop their eating utensils or finger foods.

Wearing clothes 

Some of the warnings include the failure to open socks to get their foot inside just as thinking that it’s hard to hold shoes open to slip into it. They might be able to tie their shoelaces; however it might frequently come unfinished in light of the fact that they are unable to tie it tightly. Kids with powerless hands may likewise think that it’s difficult to get a grip on the belt of their bottoms and pull it here and there. Weak handed children may likewise experience difficulty with buttons and zippers. It may be difficult for them to put a button through a buttonhole, or zippers may become disconnected because of the fact that the different sides weren't attached properly. They might also battle to unbutton pants, which can result in some embarrassing accidents.


Children with weak hands may have diminished enthusiasm for toys or games that need fine motor skills. They will commonly drop little objects or toys, and become exhausted with arts and crafts, or playing outside, particularly when it includes climbing and utilizing playground equipment. They might become frustrated or upset that they are unfit to do all of these things.

Weak self care

If your children are unfit to open toothpaste or different toiletries, experience issues pushing the pump of a soap container, or cannot turn the tap to wash hands, it may be a warning sign for weak hands. 

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