Sore Throat: Get Rid Of Irritation Or Pain In The Throat With These Homeopathic Remedies

Suffering from pharyngitis? Here are ten homoeopathic medicines by Dr Jyoti Sharma to get rid of irritation in the throat or sore throat.


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Feb 15, 2021
Sore Throat: Get Rid Of Irritation Or Pain In The Throat With These Homeopathic Remedies

Sore throat refers to irritation or pain of the throat. In the state of a sore throat, the pain can be felt anywhere in the throat.  The problem may seem ordinary, but it becomes an irritation when it lasts for an extended period and can start interfering daily. A problem as normal can sore throat has variable causes. Viruses or bacteria can cause it. Among bacteria, group A streptococcus bacteria are considered to cause sore throat. Among other reasons, there is pharyngitis, i.e. inflammation of the throat. Tonsilitis or inflammation of tonsils and dehydration can lead to drying up of the throat. A sore throat can be a sign or symptom of strep throat, common cold, upper respiratory infection, laryngitis. Any injury or trauma to the throat can also lead to a sore throat. Since a virus causes most sore throats, antibiotics in those cases are entirely ineffective. Over 80% of sore throats are a result of acute viral pharyngitis. In bacterial sore throats, prescribed antibiotics can be useful, but their chronic use can lead to other side effects. There can be complications associated with a sore throat, including retropharyngeal abscesses, quinsy, rheumatic fever, rheumatic heart disease. You may want to treat it with home remedies but if the sore throat doesn’t resolve within two to three days, and lasts longer, and if you are getting repeated episodes of sore throat, don’t ignore going to a doctor. Homoeopathic remedies can work best in helping resolve a sore throat. 

Some of the homoeopathic remedies used to treat sore throat include:

Aconite for sore throat 

The throat of the patient needing Aconite is red, dry, constricted, numb. There can be a prickling, burning, and stinging sensation in the throat. A sore throat can be due to swollen and dry tonsils too. Aconite is useful in the inflammation of the throat. The soft palate of such patients can also be swollen. The soreness of the throat will make it difficult for the patient to swallow. Cold wind can be responsible for the onset of a sore throat, and the medicine acts better in an acute case of sore throat. It can be accompanied by a fever which came on high. The patient can have a thirst for cold water, and no amount of water can help in quenching this thirst. The patient is quite anxious, and there is marked anguish of mind and body. Physical and mental restlessness, fright are characteristics of a patient needing aconite as the remedy.

Ailanthus for pharyngitis treatment at home 

This remedy works well on common types of eruptive diseases. There can be diphtheria, follicular tonsillitis, streptococcus infection responsible for sore throat in patients needing ailanthus. The throat can be swollen, purple, and livid. It can be inflamed, edematous, and dusky red. Internal and external swelling in the throat is much marked. Dryness and roughness with scraping in the throat can lead to a choking feeling. The neck can be tender and swollen. There can be a hoarse and croupy voice. The tongue can be dry and brown. Pain in the throat extends to the ears while swallowing. The sleep of the patient is generally heavy and disturbed.

Ailanthus for pharyngitis

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Apis for irritation in the throat 

In a patient needing Apis, extreme sensitiveness and general soreness are marked. The throat is constricted and can have stinging pains. The uvula is swollen and can be like a sac. Throat can be swollen inside and out. Tonsils can be swollen, puffy, and fiery red. There can be ulcers on tonsils, and these conditions can be responsible for sore throat. There can be a dynamic red margin around the leathery membrane. A sensation of fishbone can be felt in the throat. Pain is burning, stinging, sore, and suddenly migrates from one part to another. Symptoms of the throat are better by cold and are worsened by heat. There is an aversion to all warm drinks and substances.

Baptisia tinctoria for pain in the throat

Baptisia tinctoria for pain

The throat of the patient needing baptisia has dark redness of tonsils and soft palate. There can be constriction and contraction of the oesophagus. It can be difficult for the patient to swallow solid food. The sore throat can be painless. There can be offensive discharge, and contraction at cardiac orifice can be present. There can be sleeplessness and restlessness, and the patient can have nightmares and frightful dreams. There can be chill associated with rheumatic pains and soreness all over the body. There can be heat all over the body with occasional chills. The throat can take on ulceration and is raw and bleeding. There may be diphtheritic exudations. This remedy is beneficial in gangrenous sore mouth and sore throat.

Baryta carb for sore throat

Patient needing baryta carb can have swollen submaxillary glands and tonsils that can make the patient’s throat sore. The person needing baryta carb takes cold quickly and can have stitches and smarting pain. There can be quinsy and suppurating tonsils from every cold. Tonsils can be inflamed with swollen veins. There can be smarting pain when swallowing, which is worse on empty swallowing. There can be a feeling of a plugin in the pharynx of the patient. The patient can only consume liquids, and there can be spasm of the oesophagus as soon as food enters the oesophagus, which can lead to gagging and choking.

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Cantharis for pharyngitis

Cantharis for pharyngitis

In the case of cantharis, there can be burning in the mouth, pharynx, and throat. There can be a presence of vesicles in the mouth. The tongue can be covered with blisters, can be deeply furred, and can have red edges. There is great difficulty in swallowing liquids, and very tenacious mucus can be present. Violent spasms can be reproduced by touching the larynx Inflammation of the throat is there, and the throat feels on fire.

Hydrastis for throat irritation treatment at home 

In patients with follicular pharyngitis, raw, smarting, and excoriating sensations can be present in the throat. Hawking of yellow and tenacious mucus can be present. When a sore throat is present in such a condition, it can be treated with Hydrastis.

Hydrastis for throat irritation

Lachesis for pain in the throat 

The patient needing Lachesis has a sore throat which is worse on the left side. There can be the presence of quinsy and septic parotitis. The throat is dry, intensely swollen, externally and internally. In diphtheria, the membrane is dusky and blackish. The pain in the throat is aggravated or worsened by hot drinks. Lachesis is useful in patients suffering from chronic sore throat. Despite much hawking of the patient, mucus sticks and cannot be forced up and down. The throat is harrowing and is worse with the slightest pressure; touch is even more annoying. Tonsils are purplish, and the purple, livid colour of the throat can be seen. The patient finds it difficult to swallow liquids. Empty swallowing is more painful than eating solids.

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Rhus tox for throat pain 

The patient needing Rhus tox has a sore throat with swollen glands. There is sticking pain on swallowing. Parotitis can be present. Affections are currently more on the left side. Ailments can arise from getting wet while perspiring.

Phytolacadecandra for sore throat 

Phytolacadecandra for sore throat

A patient generally needs phytolacca when the symptoms of aching, soreness, restlessness, prostration are present. Sore throat, quinsy, and diphtheria can be seen in such patients. Throat can be dark red or bluish-red. Tonsils can be swollen, especially the right one. Shooting pain can be present in the ears on swallowing.

Note: To get the best benefit of homoeopathic prescription, visit a homoeopathic doctor to get your remedy. and avoid self-prescribing.

[With inputs from Dr Jyoti Sharma (Homeopathic Doctor), Founder of Kaila Homeopathy]

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