Strep Throat: Causes, Symptoms & Effect Of Pollution On Strep Throat

Strep throat is a common issue encountered during winters, but did you know it gets worse with pollution? Know how

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Nov 18, 2020Updated at: Nov 18, 2020
Strep Throat: Causes, Symptoms & Effect Of Pollution On Strep Throat

With the onset of winters comes the scare of seasonal diseases and illnesses. The current times are such that everyone has to be extra cautious to be safe from such diseases for the prevalent scare of corona and the similarity in their symptoms too. Every season this year is different for its corelation with COVID in some or the other way. Strep throat, the onset sign of which is a sore throat, is extremely common to happen during winters but a lot many people confuse between a sore throat and strep throat. Onlymyhealth got in touch with (Padma Shri) Dr Mohan Kameshwaran, Founder of MERF Institute of Speech and Hearing & a Patron of SeekMed to know the symptoms of strep throat and how it can aggravate during this pollution season.


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What Is Strep Throat?

Strep throat is a very common problem caused by a bacterial infection by strepto coccus. It can also lead to conditions affecting functionality of some main organs such as the kidney, joints pr the heart and the liver, leading to rheumatic fever. More serious conditions may lead to damage to the vales of the heart, some patients even complain of joint pain. Symptoms of strep throat as listed by the expert are:

  • Sore throat
  • High fever in some
  • Gland enlargement in the neck in some cases
  • Loss of appetite
  • Swallowing issues

What makes strep throat transmission similar to COVID is that strep throat can be transmitted through respiratory droplets, hence a mask if a must in this case too. Also, the current season where owing to pollution, the lung capacity is put to test, it can have an increased or a grave impact on those with a throat pain, leading to strep throat easily.


Triggers To Strep Throat

The condition is aggravated by a lot of environmental factors such as pollution. Streptococcus can stay in the throat for a long time and the local immunity keeps it in check. However, once the immunity comes down for any given reason, then it can lead to an infection. Acid reflux also has a role to play in the severity of the infection. The infection can be easily managed, because the bacteria is very susceptible to antibiotics, specifically to penicillin group of antibiotics.

Repeated streptococcus infection might be an indicative cause for the removal of tonsils. Sore throat is very common in children after the age of 5, particularly when they start going to school. The infection may also affect adults, particularly parents of small children.

To avoid acute conditions, it is important that we treat streptococcus, with antibiotics for sufficient amount of time, to avoid partial or inadequate treatment.


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How To Tackle Strep Throat

It is extremely important to maintain and take all sorts of precautionary measures in times when everyone is reeling under danger during the pandemic phase. One must know that taking precautions is necessary to avoid any chances of having a compromised immunity. For tackling strep throat, proper hygiene of the throat is to be maintained such as regular gargling, proper brushing of the teeth, drinking warm water. Wearing masks is effective in avoiding spread of the infection.

With inputs from (Padma Shri) Dr Mohan Kameshwaran, Founder of MERF Institute of Speech and Hearing & a Patron of SeekMed

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